A Gift for Sophie Review & Giveaway US/CAN

Story time is a very special time in our house. It is the time of day where we can relax in bed, cuddle up with a blanket and catch up on some quality time with a good book. We love stories that carry a strong meaning for our children, stories they can cherish and learn from.

A Gift for Sophie written by Gilles Vigneault follows the life of Sophie a seven year old girl and her friendships with Old Man Tom and Emilio. We watch as Sophie grows and learns about loss and friendship. A Gift for Sophie is a powerful reminder of the connections we have with our loved ones and help children understand that we are always there for them whether in spirit or presence.
This beautifully written story also comes with a CD that contains both a narration of the story and nine heart warming songs that your whole family will love. The CD really helps bring the story to life. If you are more of a digital person and love reading stories on an app with your children you can download it on the iTunes store for only $7.99. These enhanced e-books offer a complete narration of the story with animation and two recorded songs.

My favourite features of A Gift for Sophie:

– An incredibly powerful and poetic story with an important message for our children. Makes the perfect bedtime story!
-The addition of the CD with a narration and songs (as well as the lyrics to sing along with!).
-An enhanced e-book for those who prefer to download e-books.
-Story is the perfect length – enough to create an interesting story line and to keep a child’s attention.
-The illustrations are beautiful! The illustrations are by Stéphane Jorisch (also a four time winner of the Governor General’s Literacy Award.
-The book is completely Canadian – writer by a Canadian author (Gilles Vigneault), illustrated by a Canadian illustrator (Stéphane Jorischand published by a great Canadian publisher – Secret Mountain!

 If you are not familiar with the Secret Mountain, they are a Canadian publisher based out of Montreal. They are renowned internationally as a publisher of children’s books and music. They have a large volume of work that you can browse through on their website.
The Secret Mountain is offering one reader a chance to win their own copy of A Gift for Sophie! This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada so feel free to share with all your fellow parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents! Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for the purpose to review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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Alexa Cohen
8 years ago

I prefer hard copy and i look for a good catch in the book

Mel (gomomgoblog@gmail.com)
Mel (gomomgoblog@gmail.com)
8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy.

Emma @ P is for Preschooler

I prefer a hard copy, especially for a children's book. I also like good illustrations.

Becca Wilson
8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy. My kdids love pictures above all!

Cyndi Buchanan
8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy for children's books. There's just something about sitting down and going through the pages together that's relaxing.

8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy. I choose stories I think my girls will enjoy!

patricia furlong
patricia furlong
8 years ago

i prefer a hard copy. means so much more when you can get them to help you with the pages and see the pictures better

Ann Bacciaglia
8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy. I think it is easier for kids for read.

Jennifer Van Huss
8 years ago

What a great book! I prefer a hard copy for younger kids, but as my 7 year old gets more involved in novels, it doesn't really matter!

Sarah-Louise Bailey
8 years ago

What a lovely sounding book, I have to admit I have always loved hard copies of books 🙂 x

Jennifer S.
8 years ago

I love the ebooks and so go my kids!

8 years ago

ebooks are great but prefer to have a hard copy

Wandering Walters
8 years ago

Looks like a cute book! I remember the days of snuggling up and reading a book together! I can at least still get them to cuddle up with me and enjoy a movie though!<br />

8 years ago

Awesome post. I love reading books whenever I have the time to do it.

Wood Arts Universe
8 years ago

that&#39;s great book.. prefer to have a hard copy

Jennifer Williams
8 years ago

If I am reading for myself, I do not care if it is e-book or hard copy. If I am reading to my son – hard copy is a must for cuddling up and enjoying a good book. This sounds like a great book.

Aio Kona
8 years ago

A hard copy would be best for reading stories for young kids. It would make kids learn to love books, not gadgets.

Trisha Grimes
8 years ago

A Gift for Sophie sounds like a wonderful story! Do you know what age the book is recommended for?

Carla WorkingMommyJournal
Reply to  Trisha Grimes

Thanks Trisha! It is for ages 5-7

Katherine Bartlett
8 years ago

This is a great little story for kids!

Cara Kueck
8 years ago

I definitely prefer hard copy! I know a couple munchkins that would love a new book!

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz
8 years ago

Looks like a really nice story, love the illustrations and my kids always enjoy it when there is a CD they can listen to.

Molli Vandehey
8 years ago

ya know…. i am so torn about the technology thing. in my opinion, hthere is just something about a print book that cant be matched… but…. the idea that we can have 1000s of books ina little device, without cluttering our home…. my mom was a hoarder, so i know that freedom in not having STUFF….<br /><br />as far as what i look for… really just interest from my kids. something that

Kathryn Depew
8 years ago

I look for a good, interesting story and great illustrations. Love hard copies, but my child likes reading on the computer screen, too!

8 years ago

I prefer a hardcopy and I look for books that I know are at the right age level for my son, right now those are hard sided books with a variety of objects that I can ask him to point out.

8 years ago

I prefer hard copies. I want books that have moral lessons.

Angela M
8 years ago

I like to have the hardcopy. I look for books that have been recommended or have won awards. We like books with a lot of humor.

Danelle Johnson
8 years ago

There are many factors that I look at for childrens books, but I think the main one is it going to be engaging for the kids. This is for both the print and the pictures. I prefer to read print copies, especially when it comes to the kids.

Larissa V.
Larissa V.
8 years ago

i prefer a hard copy, theres nothing better than reading a story to your child with a real book.

krystyl olson
8 years ago

I always prefer a hard copy … the stories I like best have a good flow – either a rhythm or some rhyme ,,,… also a great message and moral are great too!

8 years ago

I only buy actual books. I do not have an ereader and prefer real physical books and even if I had an ereader i would never use it for the kids. It would get broken.

natasha severson
8 years ago

hard copy and it has to be cute! my girls love looking at the pictures!

Brandee H
8 years ago

I prefer a book I can hold in my hands and turn the pages. I look for books I can connect with my son. Stories about character building. Morals. Or fun lessons.

8 years ago

i prefer hard copy books for the kids but i admit for my books i have many on my e reader!

8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy

8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy with bright pictures

8 years ago

Hard copy. Great pictures and for me as the reader I like a story to have cadence

Doris H.
8 years ago

Prefer buying hard copy books for kids.

Charity and John
8 years ago

I prefer a hard copy. I like books that my family finds in inspirational.

8 years ago

We prefer hard copies!

Veronica Spriggs
8 years ago

I love hard copy books i never really got into paperbacks

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