A Witch’s Path Book Two Review

In A Witch’s Path Book Two, most witches don’t work for police departments, but Michelle isn’t your average witch.

A Witch's Path Book Two Review

About A Witch’s Path Book Two

After a near death experience, Michelle has vowed to do her job, magical assistance for the police, and leave the heroics to someone else. Besides, life should be settling down for her since the trolls have been captured and the sorceress was neutralized. Unfortunately, the power behind the sorceress wants her dead, Elron starts acting funny, a magical creature wreaks havoc on a town, and there’s trouble with the werewolves. As if that wasn’t enough, the clans have started to notice her power and she has more reasons than ever to fear the clans.

Things go from bad to worse when Michelle’s best friend is abducted, and she must decide between her friend and her vow to stay out of dangerous situations.

My Thoughts

The follow-up to book one in A Witch’s Path series was just as good (if not better) than book one. I couldn’t wait to start this installment after listening to book one and Conneely does not disappoint!

After the ending of book one, Michelle would love just a bit of normalcy (which is hard to accomplish in a world of supernatural!). She wanted to leave all of the heroics to the police but somehow the adventure always seems to find her. Especially since someone wants to see her dead!! She tries to ignore the death the sorceress she helped captured in book one but when her friend is abducted, she knows that she needs more help and needs to fill others in on what is happening.

The plot in this story develops quickly and is very exciting. A lot of information is explained in this audiobook and leaves you craving for more. We learn more about the witches clans, Michelle’s personal family history, magical spells and the supernatural politics that rule their lives. We are introduced to more supernatural characters such as gargoyles and a t-rex, which I love about Conneely’s writing. She keeps you wanting more by the unique nature of her characters, she does not stick to the tried and true vampires, witches and werewolves.

I also loved the balance between the police suspense and mystery with some growing romance between Michelle and Elron, an Elf. I enjoyed that the romance does not distract from the suspense and plot of the story (there is nothing worse than following a story and then be distracted by a throw in romance that doesn’t always make much sense). Michelle is a strong, confident and growing in her strength as a witch. When she can’t get the help she needs, she takes matters into her own hands.

I fell in love with Michelle all over again and can no wait to listen to book three. This audiobook is definite must listen to!

You can purchase a copy of this audiobook on Audible. Listen to an excerpt here.

Rating: 5/5

About the Author

N.E. Conneely lives in northern Georgia with her dog and a mountain of books. They sweat through the summer and freeze through the winter, and life as they know it comes to an end when so much as a single snowflake falls out of the sky. For fun, N.E. plays with her dog, reads, knits, crochets, paints, and does tie-dyeing and origami. She makes a great pizza and is currently negotiating with her husband about raising sea monkeys and growing a vegetable garden.

About the Narrator

Jeff Hays has made a name for himself in the audio book world by creating immersive experiences out of his productions. His versatility and authenticity in voicing characters, expressive low-impact narration, and dedication to offering the highest quality audio possible has earned him a loyal following of listeners. Having been fascinated with sound since he can remember, Jeff takes his background of composing and producing music, and his continual consumption of the avalanche of fictional media we all experience in these modern times, and uses it to inform his style of story telling in the audiobook realm.

And now, having produced more than 80 audio books and perfecting his craft, using the namesake of his live streaming narration show, the Soundbooth Theater shingle has been hung. Soundbooth Theater is dedicated to applying Jeff’s production methods to new audio books with other budding narrator talent, and expanding his scope from audio books, to voicing and producing animation.

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Disclosure: I received an audiobook in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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