ABC Friday….E is for Exploration Weekends!

I have joined in the ABC Friday Photo Share found at Mom vs. the Boys and Maple Leaf Mommy. I have joined in at week five, the letter E!
In our family ‘E’ brings to mind our Exploration Weekends!! Last summer, we decided that once a month we would chose a surrounding city/town to go and visit. We have been to many different towns so far and each one has had something exciting for us (from great shops, lakes, beaches and local attractions!). It has been a great bonding experience for our family.
Our favourite Exploration Weekend was in Niagara Falls. My boys never get tired of visiting Niagara Falls!! It is always full of excitement and fun times.

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9 years ago

I love going to Niagara Falls. We are going on our first trip with our little ones in a couple weeks. Can't wait to see their reaction.

Carla WorkingMommyJournal
Reply to  Jennifer

Enjoy your trip!! It is so much fun and so much to do!!

Shayna Murray
9 years ago

Oh sounds like fun! Would love to go to Niagara Falls some day 🙂

Carla WorkingMommyJournal
Reply to  Shayna Murray

We love visiting Niagara Falls, we have been so many times and each time is just as fun and adventurous as the first!

Mom vs. the boys
9 years ago

Niagra Falls is like a tiny NYC, there is always something exciting going on! We took the boys there two summers ago, can't wait to go back!

Deanna T.
9 years ago

I love your idea of exploration weekends. Off to work on convincing hubby that we need to do this!

Carla WorkingMommyJournal
Reply to  Deanna T.

It is so much fun! We decided to start it last year as a fun way to get to know the cities around us and it has been more than we ever thought. We have found some pretty neat (and free!) nature trails, restaurants, fishing at different conservation parks, tried out different water parks. Kids think its great, especially my eldest as he thinks its all quite the adventure and thinks he is an

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