ABC Friday….F is for Fishing!

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F is for Fishing!!
When I first started dating my husband he loved to fish and many of our first dates were at a lake watching him fish! I did not appreciate the time spent fishing back then and would usually work on sketching while he would be in his glory sitting on the dock.
When we had our children , we would take them fishing at the lake almost every other weekend. There is something so calming and peaceful sitting on a dock, under the sun and waiting and hoping for that big catch!! Our kids love to fish now and it has been a great bonding activity for them to do with my Dad.
This particular photograph was special to us as Grandpa joined us this day! He shared his wisdom and expertise and our son caught his very first fish (nicknamed Jesse James!).
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15 thoughts on “ABC Friday….F is for Fishing!
    1. Carla WorkingMommyJournal

      It was a fantastic day and a great memory for my boys:) I never really liked fishing before (and to be honest I still refuse to put on a worm or remove a fish!) but I love the challenge of catching one and reeling it in! lol..


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