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ABC Friday…M is for Mommy’s Monsters!

ABC Friday Photo Share…..with Mom vs the Boys and Maple Leaf Mommy!
This Friday…
M is for Mommy’s MONSTERS!

The boys received this ‘monster’ hat for Christmas and they completely love it!
They put it on and chase us around the house being silly little monsters. They growl, they dance and make funny noises. Their hat has given us hours of silly, make believe fun.
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Jewelled Easter Egg Craft

We wanted to try something a bit different this year with our Easter eggs. My super creative co-worker (she always amazes me with the awesome ideas she comes up with!) had this great idea to glitter and jewel her Easter eggs!

I thought this was such an awesome (and frugal idea!). The whole craft cost us under four dollars! I went to the dollar store and purchased a package of jewel stickers for two dollars – I chose black and white but they had such a great variety of different colours.

We boiled our eggs like normal, let them cool and then patted them dry. We then stuck the stickers on and they stuck perfectly (I was a bit worried that they would fall off!) – they even survived being thrown across the floor when my two year wanted to use the eggs as a ball!!

My boys enjoyed the craft but really missed dipping their eggs in dye. Next year we decided we would dip the eggs first in dye and when they were dry we would put the jewels on. What crafts did you try out this year with your family?

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Happy Easter!

To all those celebrating,
wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!
We are having  a special Easter egg hunt followed with brunch, mass and family time.
Any special Easter traditions in your home?
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