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Get ready to venture across the exotic Australian outback with the world-famous Australian koala Blinky Bill when the highly anticipated animated feature BLINKY BILL: THE MOVIE arrives on Blu-ray™ , DVD, iTunes, and VOD  on October 11, 2016 from Shout! Factory Kids.

Blinky Bill: The Movie

About  Blinky Bill: The Movie

Blinky Bill (voiced by Ryan Kwanten) is a little koala with a big imagination. An adventurer at heart, he dreams of leaving the little town of Green Patch and following in his missing father’s footsteps.  Mr. Bill went missing in the Outback some time ago and Blinky is the only one who believes his father is still alive.  When Blinky discovers a mysterious marker that hints at his dad’s whereabouts, he embarks on a journey that takes him beyond the boundary of Green Patch and into the wild and dangerous Outback. He quickly makes friends with Nutsy, a zoo koala, and Jacko, a nervous frill-necked lizard. Pursued relentlessly by a vengeful cat (voiced by Rufus Sewell) who has a personal score to settle with Blinky, the trio must learn to work together if they ever want to survive the rugged Australian landscape and find Blinky’s father!

Blinky Bill is one of Australia’s most recognized characters and a bona fide icon. The lovable antics of the mischievous koala have captured the hearts of millions since the release of The Adventures of Blinky Bill book series in 1933. In 1992, the first feature film Blinky Bill, The Mischievous Koala was released in major territories. This was followed by several successful TV series and movies which continue to air around the world today.

Bonus Content:

  • music video
  • The plot
  • The Characters
  • The Evolution
  • The Voice Actors
  • What’s Your Favourite Aussie Animal?
  • What’s Your Favourite Aussie Food?

Our Thoughts

Blinky Bill is an absolutely adorable must see movie! We were giggling at his antics (he tries so hard to be just like his Dad!) and his adventures. He is adventurous, loving, caring and kind koala bear who wants to be an adventurer. When he decides to go out into the world to find his Father, he meets a fantastic new friend, a relentless foe and a world he could never have imagined. His first encounter of the human world is interesting – I felt sad for the way we have taken over their environment and made it so difficult for them but at the same time they added in some humour as Blinky Bill tries jelly beans and other sweets for the first time!

Nutsy adds in a whole new level of humour to the movie – she just wants to get back to her zoo, maybe have a spa day. She is just too precious in this movie but I love watching her change and grow as a koala as she travels with Blinky Bill.

Blinky Bill: The Movie is an exciting, humourous family fun movie that everyone in the house will love. It had us giggling and wondering what Blinky Bill and his friends would get up to next.

Make sure you print out this colouring page, connect the dots and activity page all on Blinky Bill.


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Disclosure: I received a copy of this DVD in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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9 thoughts on “Blinky Bill: The Movie DVD Giveaway
  1. Brandee H

    This movie appeals to me because my son loves these type of animal adventure story lines. It looks like it would be a fun DVD to enjoy together!

  2. Lisa Williams

    What appeals to me most about this DVD is it’s one that my kids and I can watch together and it looks cute with Blinky Bill being of of our favorite animals, a cute Koala Bear!!!

  3. bernie wallace

    This movie appeals to me because it looks like a movie my whole family can watch together. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  4. Cheryl MacPhail

    What appeals to me is that it is a movie that our kids have not yet seen and it looks like one they would like 🙂


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