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Go Fish! With Goldfish

A week ago, Cathy from Cathy Thinking Out Loud sent me a fantastic activity to play with my children after a conversation we had on Twitter. She created Goldfish Go Fish cards (from scratch I have to add!) for our boys to colour in, cut out and play. We have had so much fun playing with them that I had to share it with you!

For this activity you will need:

  • blank paper
  • construction paper (all the same colour, six sheets in total)
  • crayons or markers
  • scissors
  • glue



  • Print out the sheet above. I have only included one of the Goldfish sheets so you can trace the outline of the fish shape and add the following names: cheddar, chocolate chip, chocolate, pretzel, pizza and vanilla cupcake.
  • Colour in the Goldfish.
  • Glue the sheet to a piece of construction paper and cut out in four.
  • Have fun playing Go Fish!


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Knights and Princesses: Crafts with Cathy ThinkingOutLoud

Sticking with our medieval theme this week, Cathy from Cathy Thinking Out Loud has brought us a fun craft to make with our little knights and princesses! Using the template ideas from below you can create stand up medieval characters for your children to play with.

You Will Need:

  • white blank paper
  • your choice of pencil crayons, crayons or paint
  • glue stick
  • Popsicle sticks (small ones)
  • scissors


  1.  Print out or copy the figures at the beginning of the post.
  2.  Colour in the figure with your choice of crayons, markers or paint. Allow to dry.
  3. Cut out the shape. Fold the base in half.
  4. Attach two Popsicle sticks to the base and one along the middle pointing upwards.

Enjoy your Knight and Princess!

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Homemade Valentine’s Day Picture Frame Cards #shop #cbias

This Valentine’s Day craft is a part of the Valentine Crafts with Kids campaign for the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop & post have been compensated as a part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. All opinions on this blog are my own.

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop #cbias

Craft time is always fun time in our house. We love spending hours painting, colouring and using crafts as a teaching tool. Crafts are important for developing fine motor skills in children, expressing their creativity and can also be used as a successful learning tool.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching we set upon the task of coming up with a creative way to send our loved ones Valentine’s Day cards for this #CollectiveBias campaign. We wanted something unique and different from the typical Valentine’s Day cards.

So what did we come up with? We decided to create picture frame cards! So we headed off to Walmart to explore their Art Supplies section.

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop

There were so many craft supplies to choose from when we were there – the possibilities were endless. This is one of the reasons why I love shopping at our local Walmart. Our little one kept pulling everything off the shelves that he could get his little hands on he was that excited!

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop

And now for our craft!

You Will Need:
Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop


1. Paint wooden frame with desired colours. You can also choose to make a pattern on the frame as well. To do so you must first outline the design on the frame with pencil lightly. Remember to paint the lighter paint on first. Allow the frame to dry.

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop

2. Paint five of the small popsicle sticks in a different colour. Allow the sticks to dry.

3.  Write on two of the sticks, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, on one stick “2014” and on the final two sticks “I Love You, Love <insert your child’s name>. Make sure to use pen and not a marker as the marker will bleed.

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop

4. Glue the sticks to the felt and cut the pieces out in an oval like shape.

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop

5. Before gluing anything down, arrange all the material on the frame where you would like it to be placed. When you are happy with the design – start gluing! The Elmer’s felt stickers were awesome, you just have to peel off the back and place them down. Made the whole process so much simpler for my little ones.

6. Insert photo on the back of the picture frame.

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop

Voila! A perfect Valentine’s Day card personalized just for your loved ones! 

Valentine's Day Picture Frame Cards #shop

Valentine’s Day is a special day for families, friends and partners. It is a day where we can go above and beyond to show those we love how much we appreciate having them in our life. A moment to slow down in our busy lives and truly live in the moment.

“Valentine, just a few words to tell you how I love you. I have loved you since the first day I saw you. Whenever that was.” — Charles M. Schulz

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“Watch My Love Grow” Children’s Craft with Cathy Thinking Out Loud

Have you met Cathy from Cathy Thinking Out Loud? She is a fantastic blogger, friend and parent! Her blog is full of parenting tricks and tips, travel advice, reviews and so much more! Cathy created this super fun craft to do with our kids! I made mine Valentine’s Day themed so that I could add it to their Valentine’s Day gifts but we will be making a whole bunch more!

To make this craft you will need:

snack sized Ziploc bags (bags needed will depend on the number of crafts you are making) or you can use the small baggies from the dollar store to create ‘pouches’ to tie on a necklace
bean seeds (these sprout the fastest and this will also depend on the number of crafts you are making)
cotton balls or pads (we used cotton pads)
coloured ribbon (if you are going to make the craft into a necklace make sure to have enough ribbon to make the necklace long enough)
1. Soak a cotton swab and fold in half. Wet one bean seed and place directly on the swab.
2. Place the bean on the swab inside the snack sized Ziploc bag in the middle of the bag.
3. Seal the baggie ensuring there is no air left in it.
4. Poke a hole above the seal on the baggie with scissors.
5. Thread the ribbon through and tie.
6. Watch the bean grow!
When it starts to grow you can always transplant it to a pot or to your garden. I hope you enjoy this craft from Cathy! Simple, fun and frugal craft to do with your kids. To find more ideas from Cathy head over to her blog Cathy Thinking Out Loud.
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Re-Creating My Pinterest Dream #cbias


I have a secret to confess (although you probably wont be surprised!) – I love Pinterest! I can spend hours and hours online looking through home decor, crafts and recipes. I have spent countless of lunch hours online “researching” what I would love to do in our home, new recipes to try and crafts for our kids (it is amazing how quickly one hour can just fly by!). Pinterest is an incredible platform to easily share and save fantastic ideas with your favourite brands, blogs, community groups, friends and family. I have found so many exciting crafts and home DIY ideas this way! I love the wide variety of skill levels that you can find in the crafts/DIY sections and the cultural diversity in the recipes that are online.

I was very excited to be able to participate in re-creating one of my dream pins that I found on the CB Socially account on Pinterest. If you are not yet following the CB Socially boards you really should! There is a board for every possible event, theme, craft, recipe or product that you can think of.

For this project, I quickly focused on their Crafts/DIY board. I fell in love with their Mason Jar Succulent pin as soon as I laid my eyes on it! Here is a quick shot of the print:

We moved into our new home around three months ago and are still in the process of purchasing new furniture and re-decorating. We started off in the dining room and purchased a new dining set. I have been researching and looking into a centre piece for it but so far have not been able to find one that really spoke to me. I knew as soon as I found the Mason Jar Succulent pin that this would be perfect for our new home!

What I loved the most about this home decor project was it’s simplicity. For a person like me who is not quite the best at putting together floral arrangements and crafts this looked perfect! The only materials needed were: mason jar, stones, glass beads and succulent. Pretty simple right?

I am one of those individuals who has to prepare her shop before hand and research prices. I was able to find everything I needed for this project at Walmart online. I was able to head over to Walmart during my lunch hour at work and gather everything I needed in under twenty minutes! You can find my whole shopping experience in my album here.

I had decided that since these pieces were going to be the focal point for our new dining set that I wanted one taller jar and one of the three jars to contain a dried coloured flower instead of a succulent to add additional contrast. Looking through both the original project’s instructions and my online research I was able to find a jar/vase that would suit this need.

Here is a peak at my purchases:

I could not have been more impressed with how simple it was to put together. I always get a little bit hesitant to try out the projects I find on Pinterest as I am nervous as to whether it will be too difficult for me to create and the length of time to re-create the project. This project was easy to put together and came together in three easy steps:



The only hard part was that some of the dirt fell into the glass beads even when I tried the suggestion of watering the dirt first but it was such a minimal amount that made it through on to the beads that it did not affect the overall look.
I fell in love with the final look of this project. It suits the room perfectly and I am so proud that I am able to say that I created it myself!

What do you think of my final master piece? Would you have done something different? Don’t forget to check out my whole experience here.
What projects have you re-created from Pinterest?

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