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The #FallMarketplace at Walmart: Full of #BrightIdeas to Make Fall Cleaning a Snap! #shop

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This holiday long weekend flew by at lightning speed! Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families but it was also my birthday (woot woot!!). We had so much to prepare for these occasions; purchasing meals, appetizers, reservations and the dreaded cleaning. On Friday, we headed into the #FallMarketplace demonstrations at Walmart (as part of the #CollectiveBias shop) and checked out the Fall Cleaning demo that featured Scrubbing Bubbles T-Gels.

Fall cleaning is one of my least favourite things to do – especially when it comes to the bathrooms! I live with three boys and somehow no matter what I do the toilet is never as clean as I wish it would be. It probably doesn’t help that our youngest likes to help clean the toilet by peeing around the rim (his exact explanation when I caught him doing this!!).

I don’t know about you but I honestly feel that the bathroom happens to be the one room that says a lot about your home. When I know that company is coming over I want my bathroom to look and smell fresh (without having to spend hours achieving this look!). At the demo on Friday we were able to smell and check out the Scrubbing Bubbles T-Gels in: Mountain Morning, Glade Rain shower and Citrus with Hydrogen Peroxide.We loved the smells so much we picked up all three scents.

We decided to match the scent of the toilet cleaning gel to our plug in air freshener and started with the citrus with hydrogen peroxide. I have never used T-Gels before so I was quite pleased to see how easy to assemble they were and how compact the kit was. It was literally pull the two pieces out of the box and connect them together and I was done. All that was left was to  gently apply the T-Gel to the side of the toilet and with every flush the toilet is cleansed and a pleasant citrus smell remains.

The best part? The T-Gels can last up to six weeks! That refreshing smell from the toilet is still going strong after applying it on the Friday evening. Not to mention our youngest things it is super cool to have this green thing stuck on the inside of the toilet.

With our bathroom taken care of with Scrubbing Bubbles, we were able to forget about the cleaning and focus on the important stuff – family time! We baked chocolate cupcakes, painted pumpkins to give as gifts, made special hand print keepsakes for family members and not to mention the cooking. I still feel like I am detoxing from all the delicious food we had all weekend. It was well worth every moment – the love and happiness that we shared are memories that will last forever.

How do you make fall cleaning easy so that you can focus on the important holiday events?

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Get Ready for the #FallMarketplace Demos at #Walmart #shop

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Fall is here and with it brings my two favourite holidays of the year – Thanksgiving and Halloween (I may be biased since my birthday does fall on Thanksgiving every year!).

In honour of the holidays, Walmart is hosting #FallMarketplace demos in stores on October 10th and 11th from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm to help introduce shoppers to new and familiar brands and products to make the holiday season easier for you as a family. The holidays can be stressful enough as it is so why not take advantage of all Walmart has to offer!

Walmart will be hosting four different cart demos:

  • Cart One: Fall meals with vendors Maple Leaf and Reckitt. Features Maple Leaf Prime Frozen chicken breasts and Reckitt French’s Honey Mustard.
  • Cart Two: Thanksgiving entertaining and leftovers featuring Our Finest & Your Fresh Market and Hamburger helper.
  • Cart Three: Fall snacking featuring Mondelez Wheat Thins Popped and Walmart Fresh baby carrots.
  • Cart Four: Fall cleaning featuring SC Johnson products including Scrubbing Bubbles T-Gels Citrus, T-Gels Fresh Mountain Morning and T-Gels Glade Rainshower.

We are heading in this Friday to check out the carts as part of #CollectiveBias and will be sharing with you all the fun details (so watch that #FallMarketplace hash tag on Friday and for my post that will be up on the 14th!). If you want to head in make sure to check the complete list of stores here. All demo offerings will be until supplies last.

Don’t forget!

Yours truly is co-hosting the #FallMarketplace twitter party coming up tomorrow night at 8:00 pm EST. You can find all the important info (don’t forget to RSVP!) on my twitter party post here. Can’t wait to chat with you tomorrow!

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Keeping Groceries in Track with the Longos Mobile App #cbias

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What is the number one item you have on you at all times? If you are anything like me it is your smart phone. My smart phone has mobile apps that keep track of my appointments, connect me to work, remind me of important dates and keep track of my to do lists. This is crucial for me. Our day to day life is constantly on the go and without my mobile apps I would be lost. One of the hardest things to keep track of? Groceries! Between school lunches and soccer practices by mid week our pantry begins to look bare. With the Longos mobile app I am able to add items to my grocery list as I notice they go missing – no more waiting to get home and add it to the list on the fridge (which never seems to remain on the fridge for very long?!).

Grocery items count for the largest expenditure in our variable budget in our house so I always like to make sure I am not only getting the best deal but not double purchasing items, letting produce go to waste or making frequent trips to the grocery store. In the past I used to go to the trouble of waiting for my flyers to come in the mail, making a written list and then combining that with my written running list that I kept on my fridge (if it wasn’t lost somewhere along the way!). I spent a lot of time doing this and half the time I would forget items.

The Longos Mobile App (which is free!) allowed me to browse all categories that they carry in store (from bakery to cleaning to vitamins!) at my own convenience through my smart phone. This meant I could browse and add items from my desk at work (where I usually remember forgotten grocery items and then subsequently forget them again), at the soccer field, waiting to pick my kids up from school – I was no longer tied to writing my lists down at home. Each item also shows it’s current or sale price and a rating from other customers. I was even able to scan my products at home to see whether or not my local Longos carried them – which I may or may not have had a lot of fun scanning multiple items in our house! If you still love paper you can even email yourself a copy of the list to print out and bring in store with you. You can also connect your Thank You Rewards card to maximize in store savings.

I could now head out to Longos as part of the #CollectiveBias campaign at my own convenience with my handy list on my mobile app. All I had to bring was my purse, myself and with two kids in tow trust me this was to our advantage!

I was able to hand off my mobile list to my kids who were then in charge of ensuring we picked up every item on our list. Our youngest (who is not old enough to read) loved that he could still take part as the list is partially visual with a picture of the item so he was able to pick out items based on this (don’t you just love little shoppers?!!). This actually improved our overall shopping experience as I am sure many of you can relate to – shopping with children can be a nightmare unless they really feel involved.

Having a mobile list to compare prices to and quickly scan through actually sped up the whole shopping process. We were able to easily identify the items we needed, confirm the price and move on. It almost turned into a game for the kiddies.

Just like that we had a successful shopping trip! Every item on our list was picked up and then removed from our list, the boys thought it was the most incredible game ever, snacks for school lunches were picked up as well as some for Mom and Dad – success!

What kind of strategies do you use at home to keep track of groceries? Would mobile apps fit into your life easier?

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Spring Flooding – Red Cross Update

With spring comes the melting of snow and occasionally mixed in precipitation. Over the past couple of days we have seen an increase in our area with flooding risk alerts. The Canadian Red Cross is prepared to help communities but we should all do our part and prepare as well as protect ourselves.

The Canadian Red Cross has given us three simple steps to prepare for potential flooding:

  • Know the risks – be aware of flooding risks in your community
  • Make a plan and talk to your family about it. Do your children know what to do in a flooding emergency??
  • Get or make a kit – put together or assemble your own kit in case of emergencies.

Check out the Canadian Red Cross website for more helpful information on flooding.


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Protecting Your Computer From Phishing #ESETProtects

In the past ten years various computer viruses and attacks has evolved as more of the population have begun to use the Internet. Online shopping is now incredibly popular as well as online banking and wire transfers (how can you not beat the convenience of this?).
The term “phishing” is used to describe the process by which a bait (usually an email) is sent out to a potential victim in the hopes that they will click on it and unknowingly download malware causing their personal information to be compromised. They can compromise usernames, passwords, credit cards and banking information.
It is so important to be careful not to fall for these scams but you have to be aware to be able to protect yourself. ESET gives us four great tips on how to identify typical phishing scams.
  • Email links : How many emails have you received asking you to click on the included link to verify accounts or the email, etc…Be wary if you do not recognize the account or if it looks suspicious. Don’t ever open any links from accounts you do not know!
  • Email threats: Do you constantly get emails threatening to close your accounts if you do not click the provided link? Don’t respond but if you are really concerned and you use the company give them a call to see if the email is valid. Better safe than sorry!
  • Spoofing companies and popular websites: These fake sites look so real but be careful if it doesn’t look right – exit and start over.
  • Security software: Look into installing additional software that will help protect you against these malicious sites (ESET Smart Security 6 is perfect for this!).
How do you protect yourself from phishing emails? Have you ever had this happen to you?
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