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Warm Up Your Fall Home Decor with Posterjack


Fall is such a beautiful time of the year with the vibrant colours in nature. Our natural environment makes for beautiful backdrops for family portraits and individual shots. I love heading out with the boys this time of year to catch them in motion against the gorgeous reds, yellows and browns. These photographs make the […]

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Declutter Your Home and Earn Money with VarageSale

Have you made purchases that you almost immediately regret? Like the twentieth sleeper for your child that they will never wear? Maybe that deep fryer that seemed like a good purchase at the time but you never actually deep fry anything (I still don’t know why we bought it!)? I know as a family we […]

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Spice Up Your Summer Style with New Exotic Scents from Lampe Berger Canada

Spice up your summer fragrances with Lampe Berger Canada

We all like to refresh our home decor (both inside and outside) with the change in seasons, so why not also do the same for your indoor home fragrances? Lampe Berger Canada has two new exotic scents that indulge your senses with the spicy and fruity flavours. The first new scent is Daring Pepper which […]

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Designing Your Home Your Way with Art Prints From Artollo

Artollo Art Prints

My home is my sanctuary. It is where as a family we come together to relax, eat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. I want our home to reflect our uniqueness and personalities. In order to do this sometimes we have to think and make purchases outside the box. Artollo is a creative studio founded […]

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Purify Your Air in Style with Lampe Berger Paris #giveaway

Lampe Berger Paris

Let’s face it. Sometimes no matter how hard you try your home seems to take on the unwanted scents we try so hard to mask. Wet dog – yup. Dirty and sweaty soccer shoes – yup. Dinner cooking (or burning!) – yup that too! We spend a lot of money and time purchasing products to […]

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