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Kong – King of the Apes, Coming to Netflix in 2016!

Parents get ready! A new animation is coming to Netflix in 2016: Kong – King of the Apes an original series for kids from Avi Arad!

Set in 2050, Kong – King of the Apes is a fresh spin on the classic King Kong story. Kong is the strongest creature ever born with many human traits that make him the ultimate hero. When San Francisco’s star attraction suddenly goes ape, Kong quickly becomes the city’s biggest enemy. The villain that framed him is free to unleash an army of gigantic robotic dinosaurs on the unsuspecting world. Kong is the only creature strong enough to defeat these enemies but he is also the number one hunted creature in the world. Three young humans who look deeper to discover the truth and believe in Kong are willing to risk their lives to help Kong evade capture while he battles to save humankind. 
About Avi Arad
Avi Arad has produced several iconic superhero stories like the Spider-Man franchise movies, X-Men franchise movies, the Iron-Man films and the Incredible Hulk. He has also executive produced kids TV with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures series which began in 2013. 

Kong – King of the Apes
Netflix members around the world will be introduced to Kong first through a full length feature film that will be followed by twelve half hour episodes beginning in 2016.
We definitely can’t wait for this animation to hit Netflix!
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I have access to great information on new series like the one above and can’t wait to share this information with you!
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The Guardians of the Galaxy #subwayandamovie

Last week we were blessed to start off our vacation by attending an advance screening of the Guardians of the Galaxy by Subway Canada! Needless to say my boys were SUPER excited to see the movie (super just doesn’t even seem like a strong enough word to explain how excited they were!).

My boys are HUGE superhero fans – our youngest has our cable box full of all types of Marvel superhero shows and they are on a constant play (he even walks around with his Hulk Smash “punches” gloves on everywhere he goes – literally everywhere!). The Guardians of the Galaxy characters were featured on the Spiderman episode on t.v. the night before we were attending the movie so we were able to have a great insight into the characters and their personalities.

We LOVED the movie! I have not laughed, cried (yes there were a couple teary moments!) and been a bit scared in a long time. The plot was full of adventure (incredible stunts, costumes and sets) yet had so many tender moments reminding us that we are all the same inside. The music was incredible – so many of my old favourites that had me singing along right there in the theatre (and the whole car ride home to my families delight!).

My favourite character was Rocket – that little guy is so full of spunk! He had the best one liners and those guns he carried! My kids felt it was a tie between Rocket and Groot as the best characters (I can’t tell you why Groot was one of their favourite but if you have seen the movie you would know right at the end why they loved him – sorry no spoilers!!). There was some mild language throughout the movie that our youngest didn’t catch on to and the only swear word came right at the end.

The boys were able to pose with their favourite Subway Canada friend:

As well as being treated to some awesome Subway Canada bags and cookies!

We had a fantastic time watching Guardians of the Galaxy with Subway Canada! Have you seen the movie yet? Who is your favourite character?

Disclosure: We were invited to attend the advance screening. I was not obligated to post about my experience. All opinions expressed are my own.

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The Muppets Most Wanted #subwayandamovie #review

This past weekend we were thrilled to attend an advance screening of the Muppets Most Wanted in Toronto. I grew up watching the Muppets so was super excited at the chance to attend and see all my favourite characters especially Miss Piggy.

We were treated to a special “green” carpet walkway which the boys thought was pretty awesome. We felt famous standing in front of the Subway sign! And of course they had to fool around in front of it too!

While we waited for the show to begin Subway Canada treated us to trivia questions about the Muppets and Subway Canada. We had so much fun guessing the answers and tweeting out our answers. The bonus? Our answer for the meaning of BMT – biggest, meatiest and tastiest won! We also had a photo opp with a very special monkey. Subway Canada went above and beyond to make this advance screening a fantastic time for kids and adults alike!

The Muppets Most Wanted was a hilarious movie that had all four of us laughing from start to finish. The music was fantastic and my youngest who has never seen a Muppet show prior to this fell in love with Animal. It was the perfect family movie and I can not wait to purchase a copy for our own collection when it eventually comes to Blu Ray.

If you  have not yet seen the trailer for The Muppets Most Wanted, take a peek here and let me know what you think! Are you planning on seeing Muppets Most Wanted in theatres starting March 21st?

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