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Lunch Box Lessons for Back to School #cbias

Are you already in the back to school mode for lunches? To be honest I am a bit dreading it! The summer has brought a nice break from the stress of packing the “perfect” lunch. Live So Fab looked into the five basics to help prepare a healthy lunch and snacks for school. I love […]

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Lessons Learned From My Children

I thought I had it all figured out before I had children – I was set in my ways and confident in my future parent skills and how I was going to raise our children. Was I wrong! My children have taught me some of the greatest lessons in life and I wanted to share […]

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Benefits of Breastfeeding You May Not Know

The decision to either breast feed or formula feed your children is such a personal decision. I have personally done both and they have both had their benefits (and cons). With my first son, I will admit I was scared- breastfeeding was so hard and I was so tired (I was also doing my undergrad […]

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