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Brotherly Love #WW

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day – showing some brotherly love!! How I wish we could go back to these days!!
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ABC Friday….E is for Exploration Weekends!

I have joined in the ABC Friday Photo Share found at Mom vs. the Boys and Maple Leaf Mommy. I have joined in at week five, the letter E!
In our family ‘E’ brings to mind our Exploration Weekends!! Last summer, we decided that once a month we would chose a surrounding city/town to go and visit. We have been to many different towns so far and each one has had something exciting for us (from great shops, lakes, beaches and local attractions!). It has been a great bonding experience for our family.
Our favourite Exploration Weekend was in Niagara Falls. My boys never get tired of visiting Niagara Falls!! It is always full of excitement and fun times.

Add your own ABC Photo Share here!
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