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Moments of Thanks #findlumia

Time is flying by and my children are changing, growing right in front of my eyes. Sometimes life becomes too busy and stressful that I forget to take the time to stop and realize how blessed my life is. I forget that there is so much good in my life to be thankful for.
This past week I have spent a lot of time reflecting about all of these areas in my life that I have to be grateful for. I decided to capture these moments with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and share these moments with you.
Here is just a small portion of all the things I am grateful for in my life.
This picture of my son’s bike holds so much for me – it’s not just a bike but a symbol of his strength and health. In this moment, my son is strong and able to use this strength to ride his bike, run and play soccer. God willing, he will remain this way and continue to grow and remain healthy.
I love being in and around the water. Water brings with it power and life. It can calm and bring inner peace.
I am proud to be Canadian! We are blessed to live in a country of freedom and peace.
You can view more of the my moments of thankfulness in my Google + album here. Over the next few weeks I will be using my Nokia Lumia 1020 to bring to you a different theme each week.
What are the little things that you are grateful for in life?
Disclosure: I received the Telus Nokia Lumia 1020 as part of participating in the Finding the Story Within Challenge. 
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Back to school time is upon us! Starting school away from home is hard and the easiest way to adjust is to bring little memories of home with you – I still remember crying when my Dad left my first apartment and I realized I was on my own for the first time! has a great line of unique photo products that add that extra personal touch and help ease the changes that come with moving away from home. has five unique and creative ways to help bring that personal touch to any dorm room or first apartment.
My personal favourite is their framed prints and photo boards. They have used these to create art shelves that would be perfect in any setting! Family portraits would be perfect for this set up. I would love this in our living room! The design is elegant and fun at the same time.
Not allowed to hang items up in the wall?  Not allowed to paint? No worries – has you covered with peel and stick posters! They are safe to use on any surface and can be re-used up to 200 times!

I love creating collages – sometimes it is just way to hard to chose only one photo! provides canvas collages in different sizes to suit your needs. With their easy and quick program on their site you will have a lovely collage in no time!

One of the newest trends that I have noticed are the clotheslines photographs. Such a perfect idea for a pre-teen, teenager and dorm room! It is so fun and unique!

I think everyone has had or still has the famous clipboard photo art! I am staring at mine while I type this!! I love to be reminded constantly of my family while I am working or browsing the internet. I also keep my important to-do’s on my clipboard (although they take up far less space than my babies do!).

All of these products are simple and easy to order in three easy steps:

1. Upload your desired photo (or photos!)

2. Select your product and size.

3. Your products are delivered right to your door!

Do you purchase back to school room decor for your children? What is your favourite product?

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Images are from

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Posterjack’s 31 Day Photo Challenge #JulySnapshots

We are a very artistic family and love taking photographs. We try to go at least once a month to a park or beach and photograph nature (while Mom and Dad try to take photographs of our little ones!). We have decorated walls with our photographs!
Posterjack is an online Canadian company who offer the largest variety of photo art products in Canada. They even offer prints in acrylic and metal! Talk about literally turning your photographs into works of art!
Posterjack is currently running a photograph challenge for the month of July. Each day has a different theme and participants are encouraged to share their photos either on Facebook or Twitter tagging the photos with #JulySnapshots.
The prize? Posterjack is giving away a daily prize of $25 to their site!
Here is my photo for today’s theme of “fresh” – I am using “fresh” food for today!
Have you been participating? What would you chose for today’s theme?
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