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Naturally Flavoured Water Plus Giveaway!

Naturally Flavoured Water

Patio time is back! I can not wait to sit back, enjoy the warmth and relax on the patio with a cold drink in hand. One of my favourite drinks to enjoy on a hot day is naturally flavoured water. We all know water is so important for us but it can become boring having […]

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Italian Amaretti Cookies

Amaretti Cookies

In the past few weeks, I have been trying to cook and bake more traditional recipes. Recipes that remind me of my childhood and recipes that I want to pass on to my own children to cherish just as much as I do. Amaretti cookies are one of those recipes that I want my children […]

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Creating A Piece of French History: Cannelés #ActsOfSweetness

Cannelés Acts of Sweetness

Have you ever heard of Cannelés? I can honestly say I had never heard of these delicious pastries prior to working on this recipe. Cannelés are little speciality pastry from the Bordeaux region of France. These little cakes have a crisp, caramelised coating with a slightly chewy and soft inside. They are small enough to […]

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Tomato and Sausage Slow Cooker Soup Recipe

Tomato and Sausage Soup

While I *thought* the weather was perking up we are suddenly in the midst of a flash snowstorm. As if Mother Nature hasn’t given us enough snow this year? She surprises us with just one more! With all this cooler weather I decided to make my favourite meal – soup. I love how hearty, warm and […]

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Gluten Free Fruit Crisp

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How can you not resist a delicious fruit crisp during the cold winter months?! It has to be my personal favourite breakfast meal and not to mention a delicious snack to keep you full during the afternoon. Here is a gluten free spin on one of my favourite dishes. Ingredients […]

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