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Read with Phonics: An Interactive App to Help Your Child Master Reading

Learn to Read with Read with Fonics

Learning to read is a difficult task for children to master, the English language is not an easy language to learn! You want to support the education they are receiving at school but sometimes I find that as a parent, it is a tough job. I don’t know if I am teaching them the wrong […]

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Time to Spring Clean Your Car with Diono

Spring Clean Your Car with Diono

With two young boys and competitive soccer practices five nights a week, my car takes a beating throughout the year. At any given time, you can find water bottles, soccer balls, blankets, crayons, books and toys spread out all over the backseat (and stale food that I don’t even want to begin to think of!). […]

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Microsoft and Intel #FindYourJoy Top Picks

Microsoft and Computer Science

Tech products are always at the top of the many Christmas wish lists around this time of year. Even our five-year old has tech products on his! Crazy how they start so young right? But what is even more amazing is the technology that companies like Microsoft and Intel are coming up with! Our son, […]

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Boost Concentration with Focus @ Will

Boost Your Concentration wtih Focus @ Will

Music has the power to soothe, to create energy, to relax but did you also know it can help you concentrate? One of the hardest things I find at the office is drowning out the constant conversations, requests and noise from others around me. But somehow I have to as my works depends on it. […]

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Computer Science, Coding & Microsoft #CodeGeneration

Technology is evolving rapidly¬†and you can clearly see this all around us. Items that may not have been on your radar ten to twenty years ago are common place now. The computer science sector has taken off but the skill sets needed are not there. It is projected that by 2019, the skills gap in […]

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