Chocolate Pie Day

I was recently given a chance to review Gay Lea Foods Real Whipped Cream with half the fat through the Review squad. It is still made with real cream but half the fat then the regular whipped cream.I decided to turn this into a great opportunity to have a baking day, who doesn’t love baking days?!.
My eldest son loves to bake and to be involved in the kitchen (the youngest just loves to watch and beg for food!!). I let him chose the ingredients for our pies and he decided he wanted to make a chocolate and banana pie (I can not complain – anything with chocolate is great!!).
I prepared the chocolate filling on the stove for him and once it was done we transferred it over to a ready made pie shell (love the ready made pie shells – allowed me to just focus on having fun with my boys). Once it was chilled enough (roughly four hours later) the real fun began.

My eldest put our whipped cream topping on and he loved being able to make designs on the pie. A lot of the whipped cream ended up in the mouth of my youngest (was he ever in his glory!!). Once the pie was fully ‘decorated’ with whipped cream, they enjoyed the rest with the left over bananas and strawberries that were in the fridge.
The whipped cream was delicious. It tasted so similar to the regular whipped cream that even my picky husband could not even tell it was half the fat.
Here is our final product:


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