Date Night!

My husband and I went out on our first date night in over two years! I shudder at the fact that it has been two years since we have last gone on an ‘offical’ kid free date but it was a long time coming and greatly needed.
I have to admit I had some pretty serious jitters getting ready to go out. Odd thing to have had happen! It was the first time I was leaving my fifteen month alone at night and on the weekend. On top of that, I was nervous of what I was going to talk about with my hubby (weird isn’t it – we spend every day together talking about the kids, what we need to get done but never really talk about us and how we’re feeling with all the spiralling changes and challenges).
It turned out to be a great night! We headed out to Montana’s and enjoyed a delicious dinner of ribs. Our conversation strayed occasionally back to our kids but I found out so much about him and how he has been feeling since I have gone back to work and vice versa. I really feel like it helped our relationship as husband and wife. We made a promise that we would no longer let it get to years before we go out on a date again. We have actually set our next date night for next month! Any one have some tips, exciting places to go or fun ideas for dates?


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