Navigating the Sea of Bras to Find Your Perfect Fit with Wacoal

Navigating the Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

Do you ever feel as though your bra was purposely designed to torture you and make you despise it?

I know that I personally feel this way on a daily basis. My bra is the first thing that I put on in the morning and it is the first thing that I can’t wait to rip off when I get home from work. My bra leaves me feeling sore, uncomfortable and longing for freedom. These are the feelings that I had been accustomed to and naturally assumed were normal, that all bras were like this but I was completely surprised to find out this is wrong! You should be able to comfortably wear your bra for twenty-four hours minimum. I don’t think I have ever worn mine for more than the eight hours I am in the office (and that is only because I am required to).

So what makes the perfect bra and how do you find one?

Firstly, you need to understand that all breasts are different sizes, shapes and weights. I know that this sounds like common sense but I did not realize that this would affect my bra design choices so greatly. Pregnancy and breast-feeding have altered the shape of my breasts and my cup size, so much so that the bra that I was wearing was actually emphasizing their irregular shape instead of smoothing and giving them the natural push up that I desired.

This is the most important part here, have a proper bra fitting. Over the last two years, I have had several bra fittings and have been told two different cup sizes (one of the fittings told me that I could get away with a C or D whichever I prefer!) which only led to greater confusion for me – how could I possibly fit into two cup sizes?

My first real fitting experience happened at Hudson’s Bay this past weekend. I met with a lovely consultant named Brenda, whom not only sized me (which by the way was a cup bigger then I was wearing and went from a 38 bust to a 44!) but explained the differences in bras designs and figured out in under five minutes what type of bra design would better enhance my breasts. The wealth of knowledge she shared with me was jaw dropping. I always purchased my bras by running in a store, quickly finding my assumed size, paid for it and ran out. No wonder I was always suffering with discomfort, escaping underwire and pinch marks on my skin. If there is one thing you can do when you go to purchase your next bra, take the time to meet with a consultant to be properly measured and shown the best bras for your breast shape and weight.

Navigating The Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

All bras are not created equal and each design has a unique job to fill. Your bra is more than just frilly lace designed to make you feel pretty. Brenda took me through the section of Wacoal bras in their intimates department. The Wacoal brand is relatively new to Canada, hitting Hudson’s Bay stores roughly five years ago. Wacoal has designed a bra that fits every shape and weight of breast imaginable.

Navigating the Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

So what are the different types of bra designs?

A woman with a larger cup size and heavier breast weight is our first example. She would need the proper bra support to keep her breasts elevated and preventing shoulder strain, in order to do so the bra needs to have a thicker shoulder strap like found in the Wacoal Awareness bra. These thicker straps help elevate the breasts while minimizing the shoulder strain that comes with a heavier weighted breast.

Navigating the Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

The t-shirt bra is a must-have fashion item for every woman. This is the bra that you will wear everyday and you want to make sure it is comfortable. The angled straps on the Wacoal t-shirt bra hides the straps from being visible if you are wearing a tank top, provides seamless support and gives a comfortable push up for your breasts. I actually left the store with two of these bras in hand (actually one on and one in my purse!!) because they are that comfortable.

Navigating the Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

The bralette is a cute alternative for smaller cup sizes and young ladies who are just starting to wear bras. They are lightweight, stretchy and resemble a sports bra (just cuter). If you have a daughter, bring her in store to try one of these out. This will not only expose her to the bra selection and buying process but help her with her comfort level of talking about her breasts and being measured.

Navigating the Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

Sometimes, we all just want to feel pretty and our bras help us feel this way. The intricate design and European fabrics of this Wacoal bra screams gorgeousness and helps you feel your best.

Navigating the Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

The process of purchasing a bra can be overwhelming (this is coming from a dash in and dash out bra shopper!) but you can simplify the shopping experience by having a bra fitting with a consultant. Your bra fitting will change the way you look at and purchase a bra. Have your consultant show you the best brand for your shape and breast size, for me this was the Wacoal brand.

Navigating the Sea of Bras with Hudson's Bay and Wacoal

Tell me your bra stories! Were you like me and completely in the dark about the different bra designs?

This post has been brought to you by Hudson’s Bay, but the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit


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Jody @ Mommy Moment
6 years ago

I have one style of bra I prefer. I think having a bra that fits properly and makes you feel good is very important.

6 years ago

I thought I knew all there was about bras until I went for a fitting. And the Tshirt bras have changed the look of all my favorite Ts.

Brenda Lee
6 years ago

I totally HATE bra shopping. Once I find a brand that fits great, I’ll buy every color I can plus a spare. LOL I learned to buy a spare in the event it gets discontinued. 🙂

I’ve never tried Wacoal though. Might have to see it I can find it in my area and give it a try. Thanks for sharing!


Tammy @inRdream
6 years ago

I cannot count how many times I have been measured for a bra. Pretty near each time I buy one I ask the sales staff to size me up. Having 4 kids back to back, breastfeeding, losing weight, gaining weight, I never know my actual size. LOL

Paula H
6 years ago

I get anxiety just thinking about bra shopping! I’m an odd size. Wide band and not a full cup. My current bras are at the end of their useful life right now. I’m going to see what I can find at the Bay.. after I’ve had a proper fitting that is!

6 years ago

Great post! There are SO many designs and fits! I usually walk into the store without any idea of what I should get. A proper bra fitting makes a huge difference for sure.

Sarah De Diego
6 years ago

It’s so nice to see that there are lots of colourful and fashionable options for all types and sizes of women. Thanks for sharing and giving lots of women hope.

Besos Sarah.

Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
6 years ago

I am a fairly standard size, so it’s relatively easy for me to find a bra that fits me. I know I am lucky 🙂
6 years ago

It’s so important to have a bra that fits right. It makes the outfit you are wearing look so much better on you.

6 years ago

Like most women, my wife also has bra fitting issues. Shopping for them becomes a 3 hour ordeal!

6 years ago

Wacoal is a trusted brand. They’ve got really nice designs and the fit is always perfect.

6 years ago

I need a new bra. But I hope to lose a little weight first.

Chelley @ A is For Adelaide

I love Wacoal bras! I am trapped in my nursing bras until my babe is older, but I cannot wait to be refitted and feel beautifully supported again!

6 years ago

I have had bra fittings in the past but am definitely due for another one since I lost weight! I have owned Wacoal bras in the past and did like them.

Kristen from The Road to Domestication

I’ve never seen this brand, but they look nice! I’m a Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt Bra girl, myself! My grandma worked in a department store and actual measured ladies for bras, so she taught me a few things!

Life as a Convert
6 years ago

I like to think that I am a pretty normal size, but then actually finding a bra in that size is hard, let alone one that actually fits right.

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