Spring Forward!!

This Sunday, do not forget to turn your clocks one hour ahead before you go to bed Saturday night! I love this time of year as we get more sunlight at night – meaning lots of great walks before bed!

Also do not forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector as well!

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Happy International Women’s Day!!

Today is International Women’s Day!

Today there are thousands of events around the world to celebrate the achievements of women and to inspire our young women. Check out their website here.

Follow @Womensday and #womensday all day long!!

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ABC Friday Photo Share…I is for I Love You

It’s that time again!! Friday photo share over at Mom vs the boys and Maple Leaf Mommy!
This week I is for “I Love You”!
We attended The How to Drain Your Dragon live show last year and my kids LOVED it! My youngest cried and cried for this little stuffed Toothless. He held it the whole way  home (and cuddles it nightly since) and tells it all the time “I love you” (or his version of I love you!!).
Link up your ABC Friday Photo Share over at Mom vs the Boys and Maple Leaf Mommy!

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Chicken and Tomato Sauce

I love my husband’s cooking! He is such a creative cook who has never opened up a cook book in his life. He was experimenting one day in the kitchen and came up with this awesome recipe with chicken that our boys absolutely love! Over time we have changed it a bit but the basics remain the same.
I wanted to share it with you as it has become such a family favourite!
– four boneless skinless chicken breasts
– one medium red pepper
– one medium onion
– six whole mushrooms
– one can of tomato sauce
– one tsp of black pepper, garlic powder and salt
– one tbsp of olive oil
1. Finely cut up onions, peppers and mushrooms (I prefer mine cut thicker while my husband prefers his thin – whatever works for you and your family!).
2. Heat up olive oil on medium heat and add in the onions, peppers and mushrooms. Add in black pepper, garlic powder, salt and stir.
3. While the vegetables are cooking, slice the chicken breasts into thin strips.
4. Once the vegetables are lightly golden add in the chicken breasts. Cook until the chicken is cooked through (on my stove this takes roughly ten minutes on medium heat – if your not sure cut open one strip of chicken breast to check).
5. Add in one can of tomato sauce and allow to simmer for twenty to thirty minutes.
We love to serve ours on rice but it also works well on spaghetti. If you want you can also add in spinach as it cooks so well into the tomato sauce!

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The Last Big Storm?? #WW

We had quite the last snowfall this past week! It was such an odd combination of snow, ice and slush! I loved the way it looked on the tree branches.

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