Pickles the Dog, Adopted?

Pickles the Dog, Adopted, is about a dog, Pickles, who has a lot to learn. Kat, the young girl in the book who adopts the dog with her family, is in charge of training Pickles.

About Pickles the Dog, Adopted?

Pickles the Dog, Adopted,by Kat Socks, is about a dog, Pickles, who has a lot to learn. Kat, the young girl in the book who adopts the dog with her family, is in charge of training Pickles.

During her first day on the family farm, Pickles gets into all kinds of trouble with the other animals. She isn’t a bad dog, she just doesn’t know any better. Kat’s mom suggests that Kat try something new with Pickles the next day, without specifying what action to take.

The next day, Kat begins to train Pickles to respond to a squeak toy. Instead of getting into trouble with the other animals, Pickles learns to follow the rules. Using this simple training technique, Kat teaches Pickles how to be safe on the farm.

While the story may be fictional, Pickles was inspired by a real-life rescue dog by the same name.  Socks says, “I am so happy Pickles found a loving home. I believe every animal deserves a loving home, that is why a small portion of the sales from my books are donated to animal shelters.”

Our Thoughts

Animals are special gifts to the world. We love our dogs and I can’t imagine life without them. If we could, we would fill our home with them! Don’t tell my youngest that though – he most definitely would hold me to it.

This beautiful book follows the relationship of an adopted dog, Pickles, and her new sister Kat. Life is not always easy when you bring an animal home, there is so much for them to learn. They can be mischievous and naughty at times but never on purpose. They just have so much to learn and everything is so new to them. Humans need to learn patience and compassion during this awkward time for them.

I loved how this book explores the relationship between Pickles and Kat and how she uses a pretty unique way to train Pickles. Kat recognizes that Pickles has different learning needs and adapts while showing her lots of love and attention (something all animals need, especially when they arrive at a new home). Pickles is a special dog, as she is a rescue dog – which drives home the messaging that all animals whether they are from a shelter or breeder are special, loving and kind.

This beautiful story with wonderful illustrations will be a book that you and your child can treasure. The messaging on how all animals deserve a loving home is so important along with patience, love and kindness during those few first days at home. This will make a perfect gift and the best part is a portion of sales are donated to animal shelters, a win-win for all!

You can purchase a copy of this book here.

About the Author

Kat Socks is very passionate about animals and believes every animal deserves a loving home. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering as a pet therapy handler. Kat loves to give back to her community in many ways, but her favorite way is by donating a small portion of the sales from her book to animal shelters.

You can connect with Pickles the Dog on their website and Facebook.

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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