Throwing The Ultimate Family Music Night

Music is a powerful tool – it lifts up your spirits, brings people together and can inspire an individual. As a family we love listening to music and throwing impromptu music parties at home. It helps us to relax, unwind and bond – not to mention just giving us a chance to laugh and be silly together, which is something we are not always able to do with our busy work and sports schedules.

So how do you throw the ultimate fun family music night? Here are my top three tips!

MUSIC! Simple right but you need to make sure you have a great selection of fun, family friendly tunes that you can all dance and be silly to. For young kids, you  need something that is exciting, educational, witty but age appropriate. We love listening to Will’s Jams – it is fun to dance to, easy to sing along to and great for all age groups.

Here is a clip from one of our favourite songs:

Snacks are also an important part of any family music night – hey you need to be hydrated and fuel up in order to have lots of energy, right? Make sure to have lots of healthy options for drinks and easy to eat snacks that won’t make a mess. We love popcorn, apples and juice, although the popcorn sometimes will end up all over the place. Having easy to eat, finger snacks makes set up and clean up that much easier.

Let go and be silly. Kids are amazing at just letting it all go, moving wildly and truly enjoy themselves. Parents need to learn to do this too!

Throwing The Ultimate Family Music Night

Let go of embarrassment and show off all of your craziest dance moves – trust me your child will LOVE it! Our kids think our moves are the silliest (although we think they are the best moves ever) and it always leaves us all giggling and battling for the title of the Best Dancer of our Family Music Night. Make up the lyrics and dance moves as you go – try out your kids dance moves – anything goes on Family Music night!

It is so important for families to take time out of their busy schedules to focus on the most important thing in their lives – their relationships. Music is that amazing common ground that we all have that helps us to relax, get silly, have fun and bond over. Your child will love seeing this new side of you especially if you are not one to unwind as easily.

Looking for more family friendly music? Head over to Will’s Jams for more great music choices and make sure to connect on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the newest music and more.

Disclosure: I am a Will’s Jams ambassador and receive perks with this affiliation. All opinions expressed are my own.


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