Chicken Burger Recipe

I wanted to try out a leaner cut of meat for dinner and I had spotted Maple Leaf extra lean ground chicken on sale at Walmart two weeks ago. I picked up a couple of packages (how I wish I had stocked up then!!).

We decided to try making patties with the ground chicken. The texture of the meat was different than what I was used to when I make my own beef patties so I had to adjust my usual recipe to accommodate the difference.

These were a surprising hit with my family. My youngest loved it as it held together when I cut it into smaller pieces but when he bit into the piece it was still soft. My eldest was a bit pickier, possibly because he knew it was chicken versus beef but he still ate one burger.

I decided to make another batch of patties today and wanted to share the recipe. Here is what I did:


– two packages of extra lean ground chicken

– Italian style bread crumbs (my personal preference as it eliminates having to add the Parmesan and spices later)

– 1/2 medium onion chopped finely

– 1 shaved carrot

– 1 medium egg


1) Combine ground chicken and egg, mix well.

2) Add bread crumbs – again the amount varies based on the texture of the meat. For this meal I used a 1/2 cup of bread crumbs. I usually continue to add more until the meat thickens and sticks together.

3) Add the onions and shaved carrots and mix well.


4) Form the meat into patties.
5) Use your favourite method to cook: grill or fry! My hubby loves fried food so I fried ours up in olive oil.


Between prep and cook time it should take about 35-40 minutes.
Next time I want to add spinach but trying to work out the how’s for that one. Any suggestions or tips for adding spinach to patties?


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