Discover What is Worse with Stuff Happens from Goliath Games

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What would be worse – favourite show is cancelled or seeing your Dad naked? Dropping your phone in the toilet or third degree sunburn?

Discover What is Worse with Stuff Happens

In Stuff Happens, you learn a lot about your friends and family as you discover what is really worse in life events.

Stuff Happens is a box of cards that contains a wide range of scenarios (two hundred to be exact) that you must rate in order to win. The scenarios on the cards are all PG13 – so nothing too extreme but many will make you cringe, give you shivers and some will just make you laugh out loud. Some may bring back horrifying memories that you wish you could just forget about.

Discover What is Worse with Stuff Happens from Goliath Games

This game is great for both small and large groups, you can play with two to twelve players making it perfect for all sizes of gatherings. Make sure you read the instructions first and watch the video below to help you better understand how the game works. Your job in this game is to rank how bad each scenario would be and if you match the rank on the card then you win that card. If you correctly rank ten cards, you are the winner.

Discover What is Worse with Stuff Happens from Goliath Games

I am sure you can just begin to imagine the variations of this game my boys (husband included here) came up with. Whether you play this game following the rules or making up your own, I promise you your night will never be the same again. We laughed at our own rankings and were shocked at how some were ranked. It may even bring back some memories of when some of this has actually happened to you! This started some pretty bizarre and crazy conversations throughout our evening but was a lot of fun.

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Looking to add some giggling, cringe worthy fun to your party? Pick up Stuff Happens before your next event, the game can be purchased at Walmart.

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