Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray #review

I love my make up – it helps to enhance the look that I am going for that day, helps bring me confidence and on my tired days a good application of mascara prevents me from rubbing my eyes and yawning!

While I love the summer months they also bring the humid air that tends to send my makeup dripping off my face not to mention the eye shadow that magically disappears by the end of the work day (so unfair!). Finding a makeup primer is necessary to ensuring that gorgeous look stays put all day long.

Skindinavia makeup primer spray launched in May of this year. Skindinavia is a lightweight, breathable, silicone free makeup primer spray. It is also oil, paraben and sulfate free – it is also tested for use on sensitive skin (perfect for my tender skin that is so prone to breakouts!).

Skindinavia makeup primer is easy to use – three to four quick sprays in a T and X shape across the face, allow to dry and start applying your makeup! Easy right? I loved that it left my skin feeling soft and it actually allowed me to apply my foundation and eye shadow with little trouble. It helped my makeup last through the work day which I appreciated immensely. I was initially worried about break outs but I had none which was a relief. You can order online here.


  • 83% of users agree this is the best makeup primer that have ever used.
  • 93% of users noticed their skin felt smoother.
  • Silicone-free base creates a breathable barrier between skin and makeup.
  • Helps to prevent common skin issues associated with makeup use including redness, large pores and irritation.
  • Proven to reduce the need for makeup touch-ups or blotting.
  • Formulated to be worn with or without makeup.
  • All SKINDINAVIA products are oil, paraben and sulfate-free. Each product is tested for sensitive skin.



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