Celebrate Diversity, Acceptance, Reading and Canada 150 with OWL Magazine and Giveaway

Celebrate Diversity, Acceptance, Reading and Canada 150 with OWL Magazine

Canada is an amazing country to live in – we have the freedom to do and be who we want to be without fear. We have access to healthcare, education and resources that help us to succeed and grow in life. When I asked my kids what made Canada special, their answer: “That we can be whoever we want to be and no one is mean to you for that”.

Every parent is familiar with the popular, Owlkids brand. Owlkids was founded in 1976 and is based out of Toronto. They bring you the popular, Chirp (ages 3-6), chickadee (ages 6-9) and OWL (9-13) magazines to more than one million readers a year!

Celebrate Diversity, Acceptance, Reading and Canada 150 with OWL Magazine and Giveaway

With Canada’s 150th birthday around the corner, how did OWL Magazine decide to celebrate Canada? With a magazine cover contest!

Children, 8-14, from across Canada were encouraged to submit art that best represented what they thought made Canada special. The contest ran from February 18th to March 31st and OWL Magazine received over 400 submissions! The greatest recurring theme in all of the submissions was the importance of diversity and unity. It is so important that inclusion, acceptance and diversity are celebrated and encouraged especially among are youth.

So who was the winner and what was their submission?

The winner was 11 year old Abigail DiBiase from Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Abigail’s submission represented the importance and positivity of acceptance, diversity and celebrating our uniqueness. It highlights where we as Canadians came from and the future that we are working towards. When Abigail was asked about her submission, she had this to say: “I love the magazine and had a lot of fun working on my cover. My artwork shows that Canada is full of so many different people and I think it’s really cool that we all live together in a happy way”. Does that not just make your heart melt?

With their unique and special cover, celebrating the diversity that is Canada – OWL Magazine wants you to join in on the Canada 150 celebration with a special giveaway. One lucky Canadian reader will win an OWL gift bag (with a value of $80) containing:

  • One year gift subscription form with ribbon
  • OWL magazine holder
  • Current OWL magazine issue
  • The Book of Languages
  • Message Pad
  • Owlkids Tote bag

My Canadian readers can enter via the Rafflecopter form below – GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to check out OWL Magazine on their website, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news and more.

Disclosure: I received an OWL Kids magazine, all opinions expressed are my own.


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39 thoughts on “Celebrate Diversity, Acceptance, Reading and Canada 150 with OWL Magazine and Giveaway
  1. Heather

    We are so lucky to have our children grow up in Canada, where we embrace multiculturalism and respect.

  2. nicky

    Canada is special to my child because of the amazing nature we have here! We all love to play outside in the forest or on the beach.

  3. ivy pluchinsky

    All the cool places Canada has! We have so many different places and activities happening for kids and families!

  4. Michelle LaFayette

    Love spending time with my kids at the cabin. Canada to me is enjoying nature and the outdoors.

  5. D

    I asked my 7 year old what makes Canada special ” Well Canada used to not have Newfoundland and now it does.”

  6. Tennille

    Our kids love to get out and explore and geocache so I would say that our gorgeous natural surroundings would top their list!

  7. Lisa Neutel

    my son says he loves canada because he feels safe here -oh and he likes we have different seasons

  8. Kam

    The diversity…being exposed to so many different cultures that are accepted in this great land of ours!

  9. Maritess

    Canada is special to my kid because she can play freely and go experience the best of nature and parks.

  10. Kim D

    Access to nature and some of the biodiversity we are lucky to have here. Southern Ontario is home to so many different creatures and different types of ecosystems, always gives us something different to explore!

  11. tammy ta

    Canada is special to my children because it is their home-the only one they have known. They love to people, the weather, everything!

  12. Amanda Austin

    The outdoors, rocks, trees, plants and water makes Canada special to my children. They love playing outside, camping and swimming in the summer and are able to do this where we live.

  13. linda

    My niece is learning lots about Canada & different countries. I like talking to her about all the different provinces.

  14. HEIDI C.

    My girls love that they live in a country that is free and has really nice, friendly people living in it.

  15. caroline m.

    We are fortunate for the peaceful country we live in and the abundance of food and clean water and air.

  16. Amanda Masters

    When we travel and people ask us about Canada she likes to tell them about all the wonderful things our country has to offer. The weather, nature, fun things to see and do and timbits!


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