For the Dad Who Loves His BBQ Comes The Meat Cookbook from DK Canada

The Meat Cookbook

Both my own Father and my husband love to BBQ. It is almost like they have a countdown to spring so that they can fire up that grill and get outside making new tender recipes of their favourite cuts of meat. The perfect book for them? The Meat Cookbook!

Just in Time for Father's Day, the Meat CookbookThe Meat Cookbook from DK Canada holds an incredible 300+ recipes covering everything from pork to lamb to beef. The Meat Cookbook is loaded with authentic recipes from a variety of cultures.

The cookbook itself is large, about 9.5×11 inches, and is heavy. It has this almost masculine feel to the cookbook and I loved the weight of the book. You can just tell from picking it up it is loaded with deliciousness.

The first part of the Meat Cookbook is devoted to advice and tips. This also includes a section on why good meat matters, which also entails where and how the animal is raised. A happy animal produces better meat and one of the reasons why I make sure to always purchased Canadian raised meat with a label on it (even better when it is local). This has always been the strongest purchasing factor for me when it comes to buying meat.

The Meat Cookbook also includes advice on how to properly cook meat (because let’s be honest, how many times have you destroyed a steak – myself countless times!), expert advice from butchers and tips on flavour pairings.

You can find The Meat Cookbook at the Father’s Day Boutique on DK Canada, as well as an assortment of other great titles.

The Meat Cookbook

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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One thought on “For the Dad Who Loves His BBQ Comes The Meat Cookbook from DK Canada
  1. Camille Nones

    My Dad is going to love this. He loves hosting barbecue parties with our family and friends. I sure know what to get him for his upcoming birthday! Thank you so much for sharing.