Healthy Living Goals

I have finally been convinced from watching our friends do this, to start to make more positive changes in our family eating and lifestyle habits. I personally think we have pretty good eating habits and are meeting at least minimum active lifestyle requirements but I want to do more for not only myself but my children and husband. I feel that we owe ourselves to be as healthy as possible!
It has taken me a couple weeks to gather information (what a wealth of information there is out there!) and to figure out what would work best for my family.
Here is what I came up with for goals for our family:
1. Introduce one vegetarian dinner a week.
2. Introduce one ‘clean’ meal a week.
3. Introduce lentils and beans into the family diet (at least two to three meals a week).
4. Fruit smoothies every morning for my boys to compliment their breakfast meals (I am always worried they do not get enough calcium!).
5. Introduce quinoa into one dinner a week.
6. Introduce new cuts of meat and all meat be from local Canadian farmers.
7. Consume all local fruits and vegetables (if possible). 
8. Introduce an ethnic meal twice a month.
9. Daily 30 minute walk for all family members.
My own personal growth goals are:
1. Learn how to make Parisian loaf style bread.
2. Get my butt to the gym for three 45 minute workouts a week! I can sense lots of early morning wake ups for me!!
I am excited to introduce these goals for my family and hoping they will be received well (already got the ‘look’ from my eldest when I spoke about starting to make some dietary changes!!).  Not quite sure how to explain to them why we are doing this but going to take that a step at a time. Does your family sit down and make goals together? I really enjoyed this (even though it was mostly the parent’s suggestions that we could all agree on!) and wondering how often do others do this?
Will update in a month to see how well (or not so well!) we did.


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