Day One of Healthy Living

Today did not start off great – our youngest child is sick and was up for the majority of the night. I could not for the life of me force myself out of bed this morning early enough to make it to the gym!! I tried and tried but it felt like my eyes were shut closed.

On a good note, both of my boys started breakfast with two scrambled Burnbrae Farms Omega Pro eggs with toast (love mornings where they eat a super healthy breakfast!) and fruit. Hoping to hear about good days from both of them when I go to pick them up!!

I let my husband do the grocery shopping today and I was a tad bit disappointed with his shop. He did not purchase pork or beef with a Canadian label (in fact it had no label on it so not sure where it is from and you can definitely tell the difference! It does not look as fresh as what we usually buy). He did purchase local fruits and veggies which I was proud of 🙂

No gym or walk for us tonight as they suckered me in for another year of Catholic School Council meetings and will be volunteering tonight at the Welcome Back BBQ!!

Anyone else establishing new healthy routines?


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