Protecting Our Eczema Prone Skin with Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop

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The fall (and quickly approaching winter) season is upon us. With the cooler weather we find that there is a typical rise in eczema symptoms in our home. Both of my children as well as myself suffer with eczema. Each of us has our own triggers but the one thing that holds true is that the cold weather makes our skin rawer and much more sensitive. Finding the right products to deal with our eczema can be difficult – normal lotions just don’t cut it! We headed out to Walmart to pick up the new Polysporin Eczema line as part of the #CollectiveBias campaign and couldn’t wait to try it out on our already sensitive skin.

Not familiar with eczema? Here are some of the signs of eczema (don’t forget to always take your child in to see the doctor if you feel they have eczema!):

  • patches of chronically itchy,dry, thickened skin
  • if scratched these patches can open and bleed (yikes!)
  • eczema blisters (nothing is worse than seeing these form on your child – I speak from experience here)

Eczema can interfere with your day to day routine as well as your self confidence. When my arms are at their worst I will cover them with long sleeves because I am embarrassed at the state of them – I don’t want anyone to see the blisters and raw skin.  Proper care of our skin as part of a daily routine is essential in order to ensure the flare ups do not occur or lessen the occurrence of the flare ups. This includes using a body wash and lotion designed specifically for eczema prone skin.

Polysporin Eczema Essentials Daily Body Wash (as one part of their #EczemaAndMe campaign line) is an excellent tool to help protect your skin on a daily basis. Their brand new unique formula includes a lipid, humectants, emollient and botanical blend to help cleanse and moisturize your sensitive skin.
When purchasing a body wash for eczema prone skin it is so important to ensure that the product is fragrance free, contains an emollient (helps to cover the outer layer of the skin to prevent water loss) and designed for eczema prone skin. Polysporin Eczema Essentials Daily body wash covers all of these points!
After several days of use we are already noticing an improvement in our skin texture and eczema. The Polysporin body wash lathers on thickly with even a small amount coating the skin – which is perfect as it helps retain the moisture in our skin. Don’t forget when you towel off to pat dry to prevent irritating your skin.
Polysporin also has a fantastic coupon on their site to help you save on their eczema products (yay!). The English coupon can be found on their site here and the french coupon here.

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What is your first line of defense against eczema?


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12 thoughts on “Protecting Our Eczema Prone Skin with Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop
  1. Lori at

    Dry winter skin is one of the worst things about winter – and it just gets worse when you have kids with dry skin. Oh, those tiny fingernails that just don't know better scratching away. I was forever saying "Rub! Rub!" until we tried this last year. Worked like a charm.


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