Purify Your Air in Style with Lampe Berger Paris #giveaway

Lampe Berger Paris

Let’s face it. Sometimes no matter how hard you try your home seems to take on the unwanted scents we try so hard to mask. Wet dog – yup. Dirty and sweaty soccer shoes – yup. Dinner cooking (or burning!) – yup that too!

Purify Your Air with Lampe Berger

We spend a lot of money and time purchasing products to help hide the smells that can naturally build up in our homes. It isn’t as easy with all this cold weather to just open a window and let the wind do its work. Lampe Berger Paris provides a simple and effective method to remove unwanted odours, emit long-lasting fragrances and purify your air. Not too bad for a stylish and portable lamp!

Purify Your Air in Style with Lampe Berger

The Lampe Berger was designed in 1897 by Maurice Berger and is the oldest worldwide manufacture of fragrance lamps (pretty awesome, right?!). The technology behind the Lampe Berger is that the burner attracts and eliminates the bad-smelling molecules. The cooler temperature of the lamp allows the fragrance inside to be emitted slowly versus a candle where the smell starts off strong but quickly burns off.

Purify Your Air With Lampe Berger Paris

Setting up your lamp is simple with easy to read instructions included in the box set. To start-up the lamp just light the burner, leave the flame for two minutes and then blow it out. Add on the protective cap (shown above) and allow the lamp to purify your air for roughly twenty minutes. After the twenty minutes are up, carefully remove the protective cap (it will be warm so be careful!) and add the stopper to shut the lamp off.

Purify Your Air with Lampe Berger

 My favourite features of the lamp are:

  • The low start-up and maintenance cost versus purchasing candles or home plug-ins over time.
  • Maintains the fragrance for the complete twenty minutes and longer. Have you ever been excited to put a plug-in in the wall only to have the smell disappear just as fast as you plugged it in? Not in this case! With its unique design and lower temperatures the pleasant fragrance you love is present the entire time.
  • I love how portable the lamp is! Because you do not require electricity you are not limited to only certain areas of the home. This frees you up to display your lamp prominently and proudly. Now to add a couple more in the home!
  • The unique designs of the lamps means you can be true to your style and taste! Match your lamp to your decor and no one will even guess that it is a lamp fragrance.
  • Safely diffuses fragrance without a flame – no flame is necessary to keep the fragrance going.
  • Wide variety of home fragrances including neutral fragrances for sensitive noses.

Purify Your Air with Lampe Berger

Our Lampe Berger lamp has become a must have item in our home and I even had to save it from going to my husband’s work (the nerve!). I have teamed up with Lampe Berger to bring you the opportunity to win your Lampe Berger starter kit which includes: lamp, burner, 180ml of neutral and 180ml of fragrance. Canadian residents can enter via the Rafflecopter below – Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am a #LampeBergerCanada Brand Ambassador and received the above mentioned products free of charger. All opinions expressed are my own.


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48 thoughts on “Purify Your Air in Style with Lampe Berger Paris #giveaway
  1. Joy

    my teen daughter’s room! Can’t wait to open windows and let some fresh warm breezes blow through to air out the place!

  2. Silvia D

    The worst offender for smells would be the kitchen, with cooking smells that can linger. The current method to help improve and purify the air is I open windows, and have scented plug in to help.

  3. Julie G.

    The furnace room where my hubby stores his hockey bag and equipment is the worst offender. I have a scented plug in to help with this odor.

  4. Glogirl

    Our living room is bad for smells. We occasionally spray fabric refresher on the furniture to freshen it up.

  5. Christy M

    I’d have to say the worst offender is the kitchen. I usually make sure to clean up the dishes, take out the garbage and open a window when things get to stinky.

  6. Carole Dube

    It would be my kitchen especially when we cook fish. I burn candles but it take sometime a couple days to get the fish smell out.

  7. Judy Cowan

    The laundry room where the litter box is, right now I am using deodorizer that you just open and set in the room.

  8. Robyn Bellefleur

    My son’s room is pretty bad smelling. I try opening the window when I can and usually use a spray air freshner.

  9. michelle tremblett

    The basement ! My teenage son spends a lot of time down there, and there is not a lot of air flow. I open the little window and rely on my plug in scents :/

  10. Amy C

    My kitchen is the worst. I have a glad scented candle in their right now and when it’s warm we open the windows. Not today because it’s snowing here.

  11. josephine evans

    My family room and we open our windows to get fresh air we also use an air purifier 🙂 Thank for the chance!

  12. Holly OGorman

    I would say our main level could use some fresh scent. Two kitties and my daughter having friends over all the time, some fragrance would be nice.

  13. Helen Kempster

    My teen son’s bedroom. Nuff said! lol I spray with fabreeze and other air fresheners but having the windows open and air flow again will certainly help

  14. Juliee Fitze

    In my house it is the kitchen that needs extra help with smells right now I use candles to get rid of them.

  15. Tracy D

    It’s the kitchen for sure. And we have open concept, so the smells travel. I use febreeze candles right now, would love to try Lampe Berger!

  16. heidi c.

    My daughters’ room as it is where our kitten’s litter box is currently located. We are using deodorizing aerosols.

  17. Doris H

    That would be my living room…I have a dog and he hangs out there mostly. Currently I don’t use anything

  18. Doris H

    That would be my living room….I have a dog and that is where he hangs out mostly. Currently I don’t use anything.

  19. Stephanie LaPlante

    I would say the basement family room. The litter box is nearby. We currently use air freshers like Febreze.

  20. Brenda Penton

    My living room is the worst since that is where the pets lounge the most. I currently use a plug in air freshener to help with that.

  21. Amber Y

    Our kitchen can put off some pretty funk smells. We just try to keep it as clean as we can and that helps a ton!! The dust kills me though.


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