My Personalized Mom Survival Kit

Being a parent is hard. There are days that are magical and days that are full of frustration and tears. My children mean the world to me – I would do anything and everything I could for them. Even on the bad days the moment they look up at me, reach out for a hug everything melts away.

Sometimes I still need those moments for me. You know those quiet moments of peace where I can just get back to being Carla.

When I was asked what were the things I would need for these Carla moments it really had me thinking. What, besides my children, do I need on a daily basis? A monthly basis? The things that make me feel good, energized, relaxed and ready to conquer the world. Here are the four things I came up with:

My Tassimo. I love my coffee. I would be lost without that delicious cup of coffee every morning! Coffee time is me time. Where I am all alone with my thoughts, able to reflect, think on the day ahead and to just relax. Not to mention what a fantastic cup of coffee this baby makes!

My book collection. I am a huge book worm. A good book is the best form of relaxation to me. I lose myself in my books and cry, laugh along with the characters. There is nothing better then finding that new great book!

Pedicures! So this may not be the best picture of a pedicure I gave myself (do you know how hard it is to paint your toes with two jumping boys on the bed??) but it is something I love to do for myself. I feel feminine, pretty and since I am on my feet all day it really helps my aching feet!

Last but not least my garden! I would never have added this to my list even five years ago but I can not believe how relaxing gardening is and how rewarding. We have had so many tomatoes in the last two weeks and I am so proud that I grew them myself!

The idea to create this Mom Survival kit was given to me by Man Crates – not familiar with Man Crates? Man Crates creates unique gifts for men based on their likes and ships them to your door in a wooden crate. How awesome is that? Can’t get much more original then that!

What would be in your survival kit?


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One thought on “My Personalized Mom Survival Kit
  1. Brandee H

    An eye mask. When my son was little I always slept when he slept. The eye mask helped. Now it's chocolate. I have emergency stashes all over my house.