Pursing Gold Book Review

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In Pursing Gold, two friends must pursue gold on behalf of their business, as they learn to pursue their heavenly Father to find hope and peace. About Pursing Gold With his father dead and his business partner incapacitated, Peter Chandler inherits the leadership of a bank in economic crisis. With only a newly-minted college degree […]

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Make the Season Magical with Scents From Lampe Berger {Giveaway}

Lampe Berger Ambassador

What is the first thing that you notice when you walk into a home? Is it that the home is warm and inviting? Maybe the tidiness of the home? I know for our family one of the first things we notice is the smell. Scents have a way of making a home feel warm, kind and […]

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Tekno Newborn Technology Brings Pets to Life!

Tekno Newborn Brings Technology to Life!

My children love animals – the only downside? Mom is allergic to both dogs and cats (I know I am the kill joy in the family!). We have one hypoallergenic dog but my kids see their friend’s cats and just fall in love. I so wish we could bring home a kitten for them to […]

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Celebrate the Holidays with a Book Giveaway from Raincoast Books

Raincoast Books

The holidays are a wonderful time for families to come together, spend quality time with each other and share the happiness of this season. But it’s not all about keeping busy or shopping that is for sure! It is important to pause during this hectic time and take time out to nurture our minds and relationships. I […]

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Laugh, Explore and Learn With the All New Teletubbies!

Laugh, Learn, Explore With the All New Teletubbies

Growing up as a child, I am sure many of you were able to watch the Teletubbies on television. It was on almost non stop in our home when I was growing up as all three of us children were huge fans (I loved Po!). The characters were silly and full of adventure, every show […]

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