Month: December 2012

Niagara Festival of Lights

We decided to make the trek out to Niagara to take in the sights and of course the annual Festival of Lights. I have such fond memories of the festival from when I was a child and I wanted to make sure my boys could take in the experience as well. I captured our visit in the photos below. I am hoping to make this an annual tradition as we loved it so much.
A collage of all my favourite pictures from our visit.
I love the power of the Falls.
This picture took so long to take! I had to wait until the roads were clear and trying to soothe two cold boys at the same time made for a great balancing act! But was so happy with the way the photo turned out.
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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!
A bit late but we enjoyed quite a bit of down time this year and went technology free for a couple of days (was quite wonderful!). Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!
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Pampers GTG – 5 Points!

Here is another Pampers GTG worth points :
Expires today, December 13, 2012 so enter quick!
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