Month: August 2012

Appreciating Every Milestone

Just coming back fresh from a vacation (yup vacation after only being back for three weeks!!) and while off I spent the majority of my time trying to just soak in my two boys. And what I mean by this is that I feel like since I have been back they have grown up so much (I know sounds silly in only three weeks but I am feeling this way!) and I just want to absorb myself in every new achievement and milestone attainment.
My eight year old surprises me every day with his vocabulary (both good and bad!) and his ever astounding soccer skills. This past week I was so proud of him when he was finally able to header the ball during his soccer match – it is been one of his greatest fears since he started competing competitively. He was just looking around at the field for us and giving us thumbs up. All those weeks of learning and tears resulted in such a complete moment of joy. Made all those screaming matches of no headers in my living room worth it!
My one year old completely amazes me with every new accomplishment. Have you ever watched an infant learn new skills – it leaves me in complete awe how incredible these little people are.  I love watching his own pure and simple joy at figuring out something new. It is incredible the amount of coordination and concentration that is required for everyday things I have come to take for granted. I was completely tickled when we took him to the beach and he kept trying to figure out what the sand was – last year he was too little to play in the sand and this year I thought he would love it! Boy was I wrong. He would touch it with his hand, walk away to on the grass, walk back, walk away, etc..This went on for about ten minutes. But watching him pick up the sand and examine his hands with the sand on it was such a touching moment for me. My baby was no longer a baby but a toddler! He was trying to learn what all these new things were about and when he does boy does he want some congratulating! He looks around with this huge grin on his face waiting for his applause (which we are more then happy to give!)
Being back at work has given me such a different perspective on my children and how appreciative I truly am of every moment I was able to spend with them. I just want to soak up every moment at this stage with them and never forget how truly amazing children are in general. How do you support and appreciate the little milestones? Does it amaze you how many skills our children learn and how quickly? What are some recent milestones your little one has reached?
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Introducing Myself!

I am currently working full time after enjoying my second maternity leave. I work in a Family medicine unit doing a job I completely love and fulfills me. I have two gorgeous boys aged eight and eighteen months. They continue to amaze and inspire me daily. They are my driving force and because of them I continuously push myself to go that extra mile. My passions are my family, coupons and reviewing new products! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog as I develop this new passion in my life!
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