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Explore the World Around You with Look I’m a Scientist from DK Canada

DK Canada

Look I’m a Scientist, is an activity book that will get little ones discovering amazing everyday science as they play their way through 14 exciting experiments found inside.

Explore the World Around You with Look I'm a Scientist from DK Canada

About Look I’m a Scientist

Look I’m a Scientist is bursting with fun hands-on learning experiences that will get children playing, discovering amazing everyday science, and excited to try the experiments again and again. The 14 activities are easy to prepare, set up, and create, and visual step-by-step instructions and a charming design make it the perfect STEM activity book for parents and their little ones to share. From an iceberg animal rescue to stretchy slime and a science wizard potion, kids can pour it, mix it, feel it, and more, as each sensory-friendly activity becomes an ever-so-exciting science experiment.

Little ones have the ability to look, touch, smell, taste, hear, and, above all, play their way to scientific discovery and amazement.

Explore the World Around You with Look I'm a Scientist from DK Canada

About the Series

DK’s Look series of exciting and educational STEM books focuses on the sensory experience of practical learning and play, and finds the science in everyday activities. Hands-on learning experiences tap straight into kids’ insatiable curiosity and sense of wonder. Perfect for children ages 3–6 and formatted with a padded cover and toddler-tough pages, the series encourages children to develop independence, and improves their critical thinking, investigation skills, and motor skills as they play their way to scientific discovery and amazement.

Explore the World Around You with Look I'm a Scientist from DK Canada

Our Thoughts

Our kids have enjoyed their time off from school – playdates, day trips, soccer, swimming and more. This week we have spent quite a bit of time helping them get back into school mode by going to bed earlier, waking up at school time, packing school bags and practicing out of word books.

We couldn’t wait to open this book – I loved science in both high school and at University and my kids seem to be following in my foot steps. They love to touch, explore and learn the whys behind everything. This book gives young children all that and more. It not only gives you great ideas to complete age appropriate science projects but also reminds children to touch the experiment, smell it, feel it – all very important parts of science, the observation. Why is it cold? Why did it get slimy feeling? Does it smell? All of these are very important steps in the scientific process. The experiments were all very easy to do with all of the materials being in your home (no special trips!). We loved making slime and snow but also freezing items, blowing wind, bubbles and potions. The list goes on and on! Our youngest didn’t want to stop making experiments so we have spent each afternoon in the last week doing one to two. The pictures are bright and perfect for little ones aged four to six. I loved how they also include a certificate at the end of the book for your Little Scientist! This is a fantastic resource for parents to garner interest and have fun with your children as they gear up for back to school. It helps to introduce important scientific concepts at home that they will be starting to learn in the FDK and grade one years.

You can purchase a copy of this book on DK Canada and Amazon.

Rating: 5/5

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Eye Wonder Sharks from DK Canada #review

Do you have a little one in your home who loves sharks? We have two huge shark fans – so big we aren’t allowed to plan vacations during Shark Week otherwise they may miss an episode which just can not happen. I have to admit that these beautiful creatures hold a special place in my heart as well for many reasons. We love to discover new facts, learn about new sharks and their habits.

The Eye Wonder series is a precursor to the Eyewitness series and is specially designed for the 5+ crowd. The book comes in hardcover format (perfect for young kids who are not always as gentle as they could be) with large, beautiful photographs. The photographs and accompanying easy to read vocabulary made it the perfect book for us to read together as a family. We could easily open the book, pick out a photo and learn all about that shark in easy to use terms. I fell in love with the big, bold and bright photographs that truly showcase the beauty of sharks.

We were able to learn about a great variety of sharks from big to small as well as some odd looking ones we never knew about before. We looked at their teeth, eating habits, gills and so much more. I even learned some new stuff (Mom even sat down with the book after the kids went to bed so that I could read more too – love books like that!). As if Eye Wonder Sharks couldn’t get any better -at the end of the book they include eight pages of activities for your child to really dive in and enhance the complete learning experience. A win-win for us!

This book was such a hit that our eldest took the book to school and has kept it there for his friends and him to read during their breaks! That is when you know a book has done it’s job – it has engaged and sparked their curiosity to learn!

Check out the DK Canada Back to School boutique for more exciting Eye Wonder series as well as great workbooks to get your child back in the swing of things. The boutique is also offering a 30% off discount for a limited time so make sure to get in on that discount before it is gone!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Starting the School Year Right with DK Readers #review

Reading is one of my favourite past times. It is also an essential skill that I want my children to master and feel comfortable with while still loving it. Sometimes children can become frustrated with their reading, not knowing a word, the material may not be something that they like or the book itself is too complicated.

DK readers are designed to allow readers to find their current reading level and gain confidence as they develop their reading skills. Readers will progress through simple to read sentences, simple words to more challenging story lines and vocabulary. The image below is the how their levels are determined as well as the corresponding descriptions of how each book is set up (vocabulary and sentences).

The books in this boutique range from historical to science to nature all the way to super heroes and Star Wars! With such a great selection your child will have plenty to chose from without being bored.

Our youngest chose Little Dolphin and Stars Wars A New Hope. Both of these books were a Level One and had short, simple sentences (although the names in Star Wars were a bit tougher for him to grasp). The illustrations were large and kept him entertained while we read the story together. The books are light weight and easy for him to hold. Our eldest got in on the fun and read the stories to his brother (made my heart melt watching them!).

DK Canada wants to help your child get back into the reading routine the right way and is offering a special deal in their DK Readers boutique – buy two and get one free! Make sure you head over there and get a look at their full collection.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned books free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Lunch Box Lessons for Back to School #cbias

Are you already in the back to school mode for lunches? To be honest I am a bit dreading it! The summer has brought a nice break from the stress of packing the “perfect” lunch.

Live So Fab looked into the five basics to help prepare a healthy lunch and snacks for school. I love the way they have broken it down to include items from every food group so that your child receives a wealth of nutrition through out the day.
The five food basics for the perfect school lunch according to Live So Fab and parents are:
  • Healthy Snack: The fruits or vegetable portion of the lunch box. My children love to have strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, carrots and celery here. Peppers are another great option.
  • The Sandwich: Now this seems to be very popular among a lot of parents but what I have found with my kids is that they become too grumpy and irritable if they don’t eat more than a sandwich at lunch (I am blaming their high metabolism on this one!). When we do sandwiches we use breaded chicken or veal on a bun. The favourite in our house is penne in a tomato sauce or fajitas.
  • Drink: My children both bring a water bottle with them but I still fill up a container of juice for them to bring as well – usually orange or apple juice.
  • Homemade treat: My eldest son’s favourite part!! He likes to bake muffins, cupcakes and cookies so we always incorporate this into his lunch!
  • Salty Snack: I have to confess I personally do not include this part but pretzels are a family favourite.

What are your basics for the perfect lunch? Do you have basics that you like to include?
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