Month: August 2013

Burlington Ribfest 2013

The start of the long weekend includes for us our annual trip to the Burlington Ribfest
We have been going every year for the past six years and every year it is more exciting. This year marks their 18th year hosting Canada’s largest ribfest at Spencer Smith Park! The event runs from August 30th to September 2nd, 2013. Here are some of the highlights of our trip:
Do you visit Ribfest? What is your favourite stand? 
If you are in the area make sure to visit Burlington Ribfest!
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Happy September Long Weekend!

I want to wish each and every one of you a fantastic long weekend. May it be filled with fun, laughter and good times! Enjoy and stay safe as we celebrate the last long weekend of the summer!
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Lake Side Hike #WW

I loved the way this looked against the lake when we went on a hike. Not sure if it was a plant or a weed but it looked beautiful the way it just stood tall against everything else and pointing upwards. 
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Lunch Box Lessons for Back to School #cbias

Are you already in the back to school mode for lunches? To be honest I am a bit dreading it! The summer has brought a nice break from the stress of packing the “perfect” lunch.

Live So Fab looked into the five basics to help prepare a healthy lunch and snacks for school. I love the way they have broken it down to include items from every food group so that your child receives a wealth of nutrition through out the day.
The five food basics for the perfect school lunch according to Live So Fab and parents are:
  • Healthy Snack: The fruits or vegetable portion of the lunch box. My children love to have strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, carrots and celery here. Peppers are another great option.
  • The Sandwich: Now this seems to be very popular among a lot of parents but what I have found with my kids is that they become too grumpy and irritable if they don’t eat more than a sandwich at lunch (I am blaming their high metabolism on this one!). When we do sandwiches we use breaded chicken or veal on a bun. The favourite in our house is penne in a tomato sauce or fajitas.
  • Drink: My children both bring a water bottle with them but I still fill up a container of juice for them to bring as well – usually orange or apple juice.
  • Homemade treat: My eldest son’s favourite part!! He likes to bake muffins, cupcakes and cookies so we always incorporate this into his lunch!
  • Salty Snack: I have to confess I personally do not include this part but pretzels are a family favourite.

What are your basics for the perfect lunch? Do you have basics that you like to include?
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