Month: February 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Teaser!

We had an awesome mail day yesterday – we received a box of Woolzies Dryer Balls to try out and review! I was really looking forward to receiving this shipment for various reasons. Most importantly being that the product softens naturally, is100% eco-friendly, chemical free and hypoallergenic!. 
Our family suffers from a wide variety of allergies and sensitive skin (including eczema) so having products in the house that are hypoallergenic and natural are very important. I am also trying to learn as much as I can about new eco-friendly products in an effort to become a more green family.

The dryer balls are so neat looking – my son actually thought they were tennis balls!
We will be trying them out over the next two weeks, so come back to hear my review and participate in a giveaway!
If you have a chance – check them out on Facebook or their website.
Let me know if you have tried them out before and what you think!
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Pink Shirt Day – Support Anti-Bullying

Today my family and I are wearing pink to support such an important cause – to help stop bullying.
Bullying is a huge problem in our school systems, workplaces and even through social media. It needs to stop. It is time to bring awareness and teach our children about how words can hurt and that they can leave a lasting mark.
Does your child’s school participate in Pink Shirt Day? Will you be wearing Pink today to show your support against bullying?

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Let’s Go To the Fair! #WW

It is such a dreary day here in Southern Ontario and I wanted to cheer it up by looking at some summer pictures of our trip to the local fair!

We love going to the annual fairs around us. Does anyone have a fair that they go to annually that they love?

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ABC Friday….G is for GUILTY!!!

My kids (AND the hubby!) love to eat chocolates and ice cream!
It is so bad that I can barely get chocolate and ice cream in the door before they are attacking the bags for their goodies! Most of the time I do not mind but lately I have been purchasing some of the Skinny Cow cones and they love those too!! (they are so expensive too!). I came home from the store to catch my boys and Daddy in action and this is what I captured:

You can just see the guilty look on his face. The little monkey man knew he was in trouble but it did not stop him from continuing to eat the cone. He loved every last lick (especially after he knew he was not getting into trouble!). How could I resist such a cute, adorable, chocolate covered face!!
You can link up your ABC Friday post here brought to you by Mom vs the Boys and Maple Leaf Mommy!

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