Save Money Renting Textbooks with #CampusBookRentals

Having just completed my undergraduate degree five years ago I can state that undeniably one of the greatest (and most difficult to budget for) are your textbooks. There is no way to get around this cost because textbooks are essential to each course. The most frustrating part is that even though they are essential you can go a whole semester with using them once a week or less. I have some textbooks that I had purchased six years ago that look brand new!

Campus Book Rentals is the perfect alternative choice when looking into purchasing textbooks. Instead of purchasing, you can rent the required textbook saving 40-90% off bookstore prices! Yup – 40-90% off of the bookstore prices. I am not sure about your courses but none of my textbooks were below $75! Imagine those savings?! Not only are you saving on the textbook price but the textbooks are shipped to you for free and returning is free as well. During the flexible renting period, you are also allowed to highlight the textbooks without fear of extra charges. Perfect for making important mental notes to come back to.

Campus Book Rentals also participates in donating a portion of each of textbook rental to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a fantastic organization that works around the world to help provide safe, effective and free cleft lip and cleft palate reconstructive surgery. They work in over sixty countries raising awareness of this life threatening condition. Since 1982, they have provided over 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults.

Campus Book Rentals also has a great new program called Rent Back where students can send their used textbooks to Campus Book Rentals, who rents them out to a student and you make money off of that rental. When it is returned they rent it out again and you also make money on that rental as well. This could make you as a student 2-4 times more then just selling your textbook! You can watch this video for more info.

Have you ever rented out textbooks? Were you also like me shocked at the prices of textbooks?