Month: November 2012

10 Pampers GTG Points

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Chicken Burger Recipe

I wanted to try out a leaner cut of meat for dinner and I had spotted Maple Leaf extra lean ground chicken on sale at Walmart two weeks ago. I picked up a couple of packages (how I wish I had stocked up then!!).

We decided to try making patties with the ground chicken. The texture of the meat was different than what I was used to when I make my own beef patties so I had to adjust my usual recipe to accommodate the difference.

These were a surprising hit with my family. My youngest loved it as it held together when I cut it into smaller pieces but when he bit into the piece it was still soft. My eldest was a bit pickier, possibly because he knew it was chicken versus beef but he still ate one burger.

I decided to make another batch of patties today and wanted to share the recipe. Here is what I did:


– two packages of extra lean ground chicken

– Italian style bread crumbs (my personal preference as it eliminates having to add the Parmesan and spices later)

– 1/2 medium onion chopped finely

– 1 shaved carrot

– 1 medium egg


1) Combine ground chicken and egg, mix well.

2) Add bread crumbs – again the amount varies based on the texture of the meat. For this meal I used a 1/2 cup of bread crumbs. I usually continue to add more until the meat thickens and sticks together.

3) Add the onions and shaved carrots and mix well.


4) Form the meat into patties.
5) Use your favourite method to cook: grill or fry! My hubby loves fried food so I fried ours up in olive oil.


Between prep and cook time it should take about 35-40 minutes.
Next time I want to add spinach but trying to work out the how’s for that one. Any suggestions or tips for adding spinach to patties?
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Small Coupon Trip

On my maternity leave I became obsessed with coupons! I love the benefits of using them and how it helps stretch out our food budget.
I went to Metro on my lunch break and scored some pretty good deals. It was a really small shop but I was proud of it.
Here is the breakdown:
2 x 8 double roll Cashmere toilet paper = 2.88 x 2 = 5.76 – 4.00 coupons = 1.76
1 Kashi bar = 4.79 -FPC = Free
1 Kit Kat = 1.09  (was having a chocolate craving so bad!!)
Total (before coupons): 13.15
Total after coupons: 3.74
I saved 72%!!!

No Kit Kat pictured, that one was eaten up quickly!!!

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15 Pampers GTG Points!!

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Living the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’

I attended our district school board’s annual Parent Conference over the weekend and it was an experience that has left me completely moved and inspired.
I was originally hesitant to attend the event and was mainly going to represent our school’s council. I was not even too sure what to expect from the event as no other parents on the council had ever attended. All I knew was that later in the afternoon I would be attending a workshop on parenting anxious children (which I was looking forward to as my eldest son has dealt with anxiety over the last two years).
The event started off with such an inspirational mass led by Bishop Crosby. It was definitely an experience to remember. His homily focused on ‘the attitude of gratitude’, something that I know so many of us take for granted (myself included!). He asked us to teach our children to be thankful and to say the words ‘thank you’. And it made me laugh at the time but he told us to teach our children to say thank you and not because we are telling them to say it but because they want to say it. This is so right – too many times children say thank you because we teach them that is the right thing to do but we do not teach them why it is the right thing to do. That we should be grateful that our parents send us to after school programs, we have our favourite snacks in the fridge,etc..These are not all rights but little gifts we give to each other.
He also spoke about that when we switch and lead a life filled with gratitude we can not be unhappy and miserable in our life. If we are grateful for every aspect and item in our life than we can really see how lucky and blessed we have become and there is no need to be unhappy. Sometimes we become so engrossed in our life and personal wants that we do not see all the beautiful small things that are in it. There is too much to be grateful for in life. For myself, I have two wonderful and healthy children (it did take seven years for us to be blessed with our second child but we were finally blessed with one), a roof over our heads, food in our fridge and so much more.
His homily moved me and made me realize that I do not spend enough time saying I love you to my family, sitting down and appreciating every moment of joy and that sometimes I do not say thank you enough. I have tried to make it a point to say thank you to my family members and for the past couple of nights at bed time I have been speaking to my children about good things that have happened in our day (and one bad thing) and what we are grateful for that day. I’ve always made it a point to tell the ones I love that I do love them. I want my children to see and appreciate all the little things in life and not to take for granted that they have been blessed with so much and that tomorrow is never promised. Are there other ways to help children learn this lesson?  How do you teach your children to be grateful?
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