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The Ultimate Betrayal Spotlight

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With their backs against the wall, Jessie and Bran will have to risk everything to expose her father’s killer—before his legacy dies with his daughter.

About The Ultimate Betrayal

When her father is accused of espionage and treason, journalist Jessie Kegan has no doubt the man she looked up to her entire life is innocent. Worse yet, before Colonel Kegan can stand trial, he’s found dead of a heart attack…but Jessie knows it was murder. Forcing aside her grief, she’s determined to use her investigative resources to clear her father’s name. But going after the truth means Jessie soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer who wants that truth to stay buried with her father. Protecting Jessie Kegan is a job bodyguard Brandon Garrett can’t refuse. Jessie isn’t just a client at Maximum Security—she’s the sister of his best friend, Danny, who was killed in Afghanistan. With dangerous enemies gunning for Jessie from every angle, keeping her safe will mean keeping her close, and Bran finds their mutual attraction growing, though being Danny’s sister puts Jessie out of bounds. With their backs against the wall, Jessie and Bran will have to risk everything to expose her father’s killer—before his legacy dies with his daughter.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Kobo, Google and Apple.

About the Author

Bestselling author Kat Martin, a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, currently resides in Missoula, Montana with Western-author husband, L. J. Martin. More than seventeen million copies of Kat’s books are in print, and she has been published in twenty foreign countries. Fifteen of her recent novels have taken top-ten spots on the New York Times Bestseller List, and her novel, BEYOND REASON, was recently optioned for a feature film. Kat’s latest novel, THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL, a Romantic Thriller, was released in paperback December 29th.

You can connect with Kat on her website, Twitter and Facebook.

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Disclosure: This is a spotlight post, I did not receive compensation for this post, all opinions expressed are my own.

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Aoléon The Martian Girl Part Four: Book Review

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Aoléon is back in the fourth installment of the series, Aoléon The Martian Girl: Illegal Aliens by Brent LeVasseur.

Aoléon The Martian Girl Part Four Book review

About Aoléon The Martian Girl: Part Four

Aoléon and Gilbert have become the Luminon’s top priority in stopping the Martian resistance movement and after being chased by the Palace guard they are forced to flee the Martian metropolis.

After they escape, they crash-land deep in the Martian desert where they set out to locate Aoléon’s parents who are being held captive. After a long and hard battle they finally make their destination but come to learn that their journey is far from over.

Will they be able to save Aoléon’s parents and stop the Martian invasion of Earth before it is too late?

My Thoughts

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series of books for young adults and tweens. It has the perfect blend of imagination, creativity, illustration with the strength of the book coming from two young friends.

Part four of Aoléon did not disappoint! I think this part is one of the best so far. It was full of exciting adventure – at times I was worried the two were not going to make it through! But as one wise, old Martian taught them it is important to have faith. Aoléon and Gilbert hang on tight to their faith, trust in each other and the friendships they form to get them through the worst of the journey to rescue Aoléon’s parents.

The humour in this book had both my son and I cracking up (D.U.M.B. for a secret location!) – and helps to offset some of the more dangerous parts of the novel (being chased by Martians, crashing in a desert,etc..). Gilbert starts to come into his own strength and this novel and I loved that!

Aoléon will be the perfect addition to your child’s library!

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon.

Rating: 5/5

Here is a trailer of Aoléon Part Four:

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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The Hardest Peace #review & #giveaway

An incredible life changing story of one woman’s journey through cancer and how it has changed her as a woman, a wife, a mother and as a daughter of God.

About The Hardest Peace

The Hardest Peace is the story of Kara Tippetts, a young mother battling cancer who invites readers to embrace grace in every season of life.

Kara Tippetts knows the mundane but rich days of mothering four kids, the joy of watching her children grow and the devastating reality of stage four cancer.

In her book, she invites readers to see the grace of the everyday in all seasons of life and to live well even when the living is hard. As the thousands of readers of her blog know, Tippetts explores the hardest questions of life with rare beauty and honesty. Most of all, she draws them back to the God who is present, in the ordinary and the suffering, and shapes every life into the best story of all.

My Thoughts

It is hard to know where to start with my own feelings and thoughts. Firstly, I feel blessed to have had Kara share her journey and story with us. Her faith is so strong and humbles me. While I cried at parts of her story I feel like she did not share her story for us to feel sad but instead to see all the good in her story. She wants us to see that sometimes the bad things in our lives can also help us recognize and appreciate all the beauty that is in our world. It helped me to step back and appreciate the life God has given me and that no matter how I am feeling that day that this is the path I am meant to be walking along and that I can conquer each day.

The Hardest Peace has changed the way I parent as well as the way I perceive situations with my children. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be in her shoes looking at your children every day but it also makes you appreciate each cuddle, each achievement and each I love you that much more. When I am feeling frustrated I now take a deep breath and say to myself remember grace – sometimes I may have to repeat it more than once but it helps remind me that these moments (even the screaming ones) are precious and a gift to be held dear.

Rating: 5/5 ++

About Kara Tippetts

Kara Tippetts and her husband, Jason, have four children. They lead a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cancer is only a part of Kara’s story. Her real fight is to truly live while facing a crushing reality. You can find her on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in order to facilitate this review as well as a copy for the giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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Murder and Mystery: Distortion

Murder and mystery – what is there not to love?! Distortion by Terri Blackstock is full of both.

Distortion by Terri Blackstock is based on the murder of Juliet Cole’s husband. Her husband is murdered right before her eyes in what she believes is a completely random and awful shooting. She is devastated at the loss of her husband and the father to her children. It is not until after hours of initial questioning when she heads home to deliver the news to her sons that a threatening voicemail changes everything.

Now the man she has been married to for fifteen years has become a stranger. Evidence emerges that shows this was not a random shooting but a deliberate attack. Juliet and her children’s lives are in danger. As they work through the mystery that was her husband’s life, his dark secrets come centre stage.

Distortion was a fast paced and suspenseful read right to the end. Juliet’s story is so frightening! Makes you wonder how well we really know the people around us. How many stories have we seen in the news of someone leading a completely second life! It is scary and terrifying. I literally could not put this novel down. I was so worried about Juliet and her boys and what her husband’s actions had done to them. So many curve balls thrown in this book it is hard to count!

Rating: 5/5

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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