Better Life: Making #CleanHappensCA for the Whole Family #giveaway

After having kids I realized how important it was for me to make healthy and natural choices for our family. It wasn’t as if I was not doing this before but I became more conscious of my decisions after kids. I wanted to use products that would be not only safe for my kids but also for the environment. Trying to find a cleaning product that is natural and does an excellent job at cleaning the house was a challenge. Not to mention convincing my husband that cleaning products that do not contain bleach are just as effective as ones with bleach in it! Remember the whole idea that everything should be bleached? I think many of us may have grown up with this belief!

Better Life products were developed by two Dads who wanted to take the toxins out of their cleaning supplies. They wanted products that were natural, safe and unbeatable in performance. To be honest who doesn’t want this? Especially with a home full of children and pets who rely on us to protect them from harsh chemicals that could hurt them.

The Better Life brand stands by their promise to provide safe products and each product is:

  • hypoallergenic (a bonus for those with allergies and respiratory conditions)
  • synthetic fragrance free
  • sulfate and petroleum free
  • solvent free
  • cruelty free (they are not tested on animals)
  • no dyes or alcohol

Better Life uses plant derived products and essential oils to create their unique cleaning solutions. The essential oils leave a pleasant smell that doesn’t linger long so it won’t bother noses.

One of my favourite Better Life products is their what-EVER all purpose cleaner. Not only is the name awesome but you can literally use this product on anything and everything. We used it to clean the stove, the kitchen counters, kitchen table, bathroom sink and the list goes on and on. It performed amazing each and every time – no extra muscle was needed to remove the spills off the stove (this was my husband’s fear – that you would need more to do the same job as a regular cleaner). The what-EVER! all purpose cleaner comes in both scent free and Clary sage and citrus (my personal favourite!).

Dish It Out Natural Dish Liquid was another hit in our home. Although we have a dishwasher we still hand wash all of our pots, pans, containers and fragile glass. Dish It Out also comes in the same two formats as the what-EVER all purpose cleaner. It removes grease easily and because it is sulfate free it will not harm your hands (no more gloves needed!).
Even the Kitchen Sink works literally on everything including your kitchen sink. It is the product to use when you need that little extra to get off stains, food and even marks on the wall! 
Take It For Granite works to clean, polish and shine all your high end counter tops (granite, marble slate, concrete). It is safe to use on your counter tops and wont damage them.
Einshine Stainless Steel cleaner is used to clean the stainless steel appliances in your home. We don’t currently own any so I gave them to my co-worker who LOVES it. She found it cleaned well and left no streaks or smudges.
Simply Floored removes the need to carry around a bucket full of dirty water around with you while cleaning the floors in your home. All you need to do is spray the product on the floor and wipe off. No need to put water on to wipe off the solution. I actually enjoyed cleaning the bathroom floors when I used this – never has it been this simple before! Simply Floored was also named the top all surface cleaner by Real Simple! 
We were also given a bottle of Automatic Magic dishwasher gel. We have currently been using the pod like dishwasher gels from Costco and notice that many times they do not release all of the soap or it gets stuck on our glasses (yuck!). One squirt is all that is needed for regular loads (two for larger loads) and it left no streaks on any of the glasses and left our dishes sparkling.
Better Life even has laundry detergent – their Spin Credible laundry detergent comes in two styles: Lavender Grapefruit and Free & Clear. I have never been so excited to do laundry – I love all lavender scented products!! The bottle is ultra concentrated allowing you to get 64 loads per a bottle and is compatible with both standard and HE machines. 
The best feature of Better Life products? They are so safe and natural to use that you do not have to worry about letting your child use them to help you clean! Children love to clean but none of us want to let them use harsh chemicals (what if they spray it in their eyes, get it on their skin or what if they ingest it somehow?!!). My boys were able to get in on all the cleaning action this week and we loved it!
Better Life products can now be found in Canada and are sold exclusively at Target! You can find their products in the regular cleaning aisles.
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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products free of charge. All opinions expressed are mine alone.