Mother’s Day Books: Small Space Garden Ideas #DKCanada

Some of the best gifts that I have ever received have been books. I love to read (no question about it!) – it allows me to escape for that time period, browse and learn new ideas and so much more!

We moved into our new home about a year ago and since we moved in it has been my goal to create not only a vegetable garden but a proper flower bed (where the flowers grow and don’t wither like they usually do for me – my boys still tease me about managing to let a Bonsai tree die!). Last year we did a lot of work on removing items and re-sodding as well as making room for my garden. We just never made it to the actual garden part (I guess I was a bit chicken?!).

For Mother’s Day this year, I have asked my boys to make me a raised garden bed so that I an plant some vegetables. Since I am not the best gardener out there, I want to start small! When I was given the opportunity to review Small Space Garden Ideas I was anxious to get my hands on this book thinking how helpful this would be for us.

Small Space Garden Ideas is full of creative ways to use the smaller areas around your home to create a wonderful garden whether it be a wall, balcony, porch or window sill! They thought of every type of space in this book and used it so well. Some of my favourite features of this book were the easy to read instructions (great for this beginner gardener!), the material needed, large photographs (not to mention a great amount of photographs for each activity) that really helped me to visualize my project from start to finish as well as pro tips. I found the pro tips to be quite useful and have to started to implement them for my first garden project. The projects ranged from easy to difficult and the same with price range. There is a great variety of both and lots of middle ground for more advanced beginners. You will not be bored with the variety of projects in this book!

I started off small and using their directions planted Rosemary for our window sill which I am hoping to transplant into our garden when the weather becomes nicer. I had no idea I was supposed to be putting rocks in the bottom of the pot so that the roots don’t sit in water (oops – maybe this is the cause for all of my dead plants??). I am keeping my fingers crossed for good results and I have high hopes this time! I am determined to have a green thumb this year.

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What kind of books would your Mom love to receive for Mother’s Day?

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned book free of charge in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.