Debunking Nutrition Myths with Mother Hen #NutritionMonth

As parents one of the most important things we can give our children are great nutritional habits that will last them a lifetime. I know personally we focused on ensuring we introduced a great variety of healthy and organic products to our children at an early age. There were the typical foods that terrified us with our first son – eggs, peanuts and kiwis (all because of family food allergies!) combined with not feeling confident on when to introduce these foods (old school methods versus new research).

Are you familiar with all the changes that have been recommended when introducing solids to your infant? It can be hard to keep up with all the changing information – not to mention keeping your sanity during that first year after birth! Mother Hen has developed this fantastic nutrition guide (see the below picture) to help parents out.

Some of the key ideas that I took home from their guide:

  • It is still recommended that parents exclusively breast or formula feed up to six months of age. After six months of age, you can begin to introduce iron rich foods such as chicken, pork, beef, cereals (this was new to me when I had my second son!). Most people tend to follow this with vegetables and then fruits.
  • The Dietitians of Canada have confirmed that by delaying the introduction of the most recognized allergens (peanuts, eggs, etc..) does not prevent the development of allergies. They DO recommend that you wait a couple of days after introducing new foods before adding in another new food to ensure no allergic reaction takes place.
  • Another typical myth I loved that Mother Hen identified – the bland diet for infants! I have seen so many parents do this and you really don’t have to! Baby’s taste buds are different from our own so they may love what you do not. Our youngest loves ground beef curry and has been this way since we started giving it to him around ten months.

Looking for more nutritional information? Head over to the Mother Hen website, they even offer a fantastic array of recipes on their site.

Throughout the month of March – for every Mother Hen product purchased they will be donating $1.00 worth of baby food to local food banks through their March Moms Helping Moms Program. Make sure to follow Mother Hen on Facebook for more information through out the month of March.


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Masshole Mommy
8 years ago

My oldest is now nine and he was eating spicy-ish things from a very young age. I mean, obviously nothing outrageous, but a little kick is ok for them 🙂

Carla WorkingMommyJournal
Reply to  Masshole Mommy

Right?! I am so surprised some parents are so cautious and prefer little to no flavours for baby food. So important for them!

Jennifer Van Huss
8 years ago

I am pretty lucky. The only allergy I have is celiac but I didn't find out until all of my kids began eating solids!! I agree…bland food is no fun!!

Carla WorkingMommyJournal

Celiac is quite the hard one 🙂 I have been struggling for a while now trying to find the right diet

Diane Estrella
8 years ago

It is so hard to keep up on all the do's and don'ts with diet and food. I jut try to do the best I can, and pray God takes care of the rest. It can be too stressful at times.

Carla WorkingMommyJournal
Reply to  Diane Estrella

It is extremely hard Diane! Especially with all the pressure from family and friends that try to give recommendations. I love how much similar it is now. Introduce iron rich foods, veggies and then fruits. Go for some flavour 🙂

8 years ago

It is difficult to keep track of all this, that's for sure, and not everyone is the same. Some people have these allergies, others those, others are sensitive to this or that…definitely not an easy thing to do.

8 years ago

I remember a friends grandson who was more then ready to eat and his grandma used to feed him because his Mom was following the rules back then! That poor kid finally stopped crying non stop!! My nephew on the other hand ate nothing but peanut butter and jelly for Years!! And I mean years. I really think it depends on the child. I just wish the guidelines would stay the same–this does look like

8 years ago

They've got a Sweet and Sour Quinoa recipe that I just found over there, that looks like a great one. Thanks for sharing the recipe resource.

Carla WorkingMommyJournal
Reply to  mail4rosey

You're very welcome! Their recipe resources are fantastic and great starting points

Katherine Bartlett
8 years ago

I have a few allergies but nothing major anymore. This is a great chart!

8 years ago

I am a big supporter of eating organic foods as well! Thanks for sharing the guide. I always enjoy reading what others have to say. God bless! 🙂

Sarah-Louise Bailey
8 years ago

I have to admit I try to buy organic and local when I can – amazing some of those myths they have debunked :)x

Lawna Noe
8 years ago

It's so nice of them to donate. Those are some great tips.