#PJSpringCleaning Photo Challenge

How many of you have collected massive amounts of photos over the past couple of months? If you are anything like me (my poor kids!) you probably have hundreds of photos saved on your hard drive. Last count put me at 2000 (good thing my husband has not seen it yet!).

Posterjack wants to help you clean up your hard drive and give you the chance to win one of five $25 vouchers!

Starting next week, from April 7th to 11th, Posterjack will be hosting a photo challenge on Twitter with followers sharing photos using the hashtag #PJSpringCleaning that illustrates these five daily themes:

  • What was I thinking?!
  • Funniest candid moment (sure everyone has quite a few of these!)
  • I completely forgot that happened…..
  • Crazy how different they look
  • I want this photo on the wall (I have several of these!)

Posterjack is also offering readers 15% off their orders to help celebrate Spring. To redeem this offer, please use the code:  SpringCleaning before April 20th, 2014 at midnight.

Here is my photo I really really want on my wall:



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