Month: February 2013

ABC Friday….F is for Fishing!

Check out this week’s ABC Friday Photo Share at Mom vs. the Boys and Maple Leaf Mommy!
F is for Fishing!!
When I first started dating my husband he loved to fish and many of our first dates were at a lake watching him fish! I did not appreciate the time spent fishing back then and would usually work on sketching while he would be in his glory sitting on the dock.
When we had our children , we would take them fishing at the lake almost every other weekend. There is something so calming and peaceful sitting on a dock, under the sun and waiting and hoping for that big catch!! Our kids love to fish now and it has been a great bonding activity for them to do with my Dad.
This particular photograph was special to us as Grandpa joined us this day! He shared his wisdom and expertise and our son caught his very first fish (nicknamed Jesse James!).
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hoping you have a wonderful day with your partner and family! Enjoy and appreciate every moment with the special people in your life!

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Brotherly Love #WW

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day – showing some brotherly love!! How I wish we could go back to these days!!
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They Said What??!!!

Children are just too funny. They speak their mind and the first thing that pops into their mind – they say! Some children are just natural comedians (without even thinking about it!).

I have been blessed to know some pretty awesome children that just make me laugh out loud – and it’s the type of laugh that makes your stomach hurt from laughing so hard!

We started writing down some of their comments in a journal so that as our children get older we can share with them the hilarious things they used to say.

I wanted to share some of them with everyone here just to give you a little chuckle during the busy week (who couldn’t use a good chuckle at the start of the work week)!

Here are the best ones so far that my friend’s children and my own have used:

1) “That’s unfortunate” – my son used this in reference to a woman who just finished having her hair cut at the salon – but in his defence it really was an unfortunate haircut!  

2) “Mom I did NOT hit my brother – his head fell into my hand” – sure my sweetie, sure….

3) “Mom, you have to take me to McDonald’s. My Quarter Pounder meter is low and if it gets too low I will not be able to do walk the dog, watch t.v., play soccer..” – does that mean Mommy will finally get to watch the news without someone complaining the whole time he wants to watch Johnny Test??

4) “Tea Party Rules: No burping, no eating with your mouth open, no silliness and most importantly Daddy you are not allowed to touch the cookies on my plate” – my friend’s daughter rocks!!.

5) “Mommy is that your prize for being the fastest on the road” – yes baby, Mommy got a very special prize!! – love the innocence of children! This comment made my friend’s day after getting a ticket.

6) “Mommy I think those are cow chickens” – my friend’s daughters response to seeing white chickens with black dots on them.

7) “Mommy is the wash version of the song?” responded with: “Do you mean the clean version of the song?”

8) “Mommy how come you do not know how to sew? Your sister, my aunt, knows how  – so should you” – she is too clever isn’t she??!!

And the one we all love to hear:

9) “Mom, you know I love you right…” – hmmm…what did you DO?

What are some of the funniest things your children have said to you? Would love to hear!

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