Month: May 2014

A Season of Change by Lynette Sowell #review

A Season of Change by Lynette Sowell follows the life of Amish widower, Jacob Miller. Jacob decides to visit the Amish village of Pinecraft for a winter vacation when everything starts to go wrong starting with his daughter being struck by a car. Then he is stranded in Sarasota until his daughter can fully recover. As life begins to unfold in unfamiliar surroundings he gains the friendship of Englischer Natalie Bennett.

Natalie never thought her circus career as an aerial silks artist would end up with a blown out knee at the young age of twenty five. She also never knew her late mother (also an artist) held a secret – that she was once Amish.

Natalie meets the Millers at the Sarasota hospital and she is drawn in by their warm hospitality and simple way. After finding out about her mother she beings to wonder if they can help her find her family. As Jacob and Natalie begin to fall in love, their worlds collide. Will their differences tear them apart or draw them closer together?

A Season of Change is a well written story of loss, learning to love again and acceptance. Jacob is a strong man who lost the woman he loved with all his heart. He feels like he can never move on and wants to honour her. Natalie brings out the side of him he thought he had lost. The Millers take her under their wing and accept her for who she is while teaching them about their own customs and beliefs. Their romance was slow and full of obstacles. I loved every second of this book especially as their romance was not the central theme of the book. It was just one piece of a greater picture.

You can find more reviews on the Litfuse Blog Tour here. You can purchase a copy of the book here.

Rating: 5/5

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Our Little Timbit! #WW w/linky

Our youngest son is a Timbit soccer player! He is definitely following in brother’s footsteps with his love of soccer.

Saturday was his first practice and game – we were so proud of him and wanted to share these special moments with you!

Don’t forget to link up your own Wordless Wednesday post below so that I can visit you as well!

Have a fabulous day!

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Thankful by Shelley Shepard Gray #review

Thankful written by Shelley Shepard Gray is the second book in the Return to Sugarcreek Series.

Christina Kempf has always known that God chose Aden Reese to be her husband. As children, he was there to save her life when she fell through ice while skating and he has been by her side ever since. After his parents tragic death in a car accident, the Kempf’s raised Aden as one of their own and everyone sees them as brother and sister. Christina has never given up hope that Aden will one day ask her to be his wife.

Aden had always planned to court Christina. He loved her gentle ways and her faith. Losing his Mother and Father changed everything except his love for her. Her parents generously welcomed him into their home and treated him like a son. He could not betray their kindness by admitting his feelings for the girl who is like a sister but so much more.

Pressured by her parents to court, Christina begins to accept the attentions of Sugarcreek’s young men and now Aden must make a choice. Will he stand by and watch the love of his life slip away? Or will he risk losing the trust of the family he holds dear to tell Christina how he truly feels?

Thankful is wonderfully written with the stories of three families intertwined in Sugarcreek. I loved how Shelley intertwined their stories and gave a wonderful picture of life in Sugarcreek. Christina and Aden’s romance was beautiful. They had loved each other for so long but were so timid and scared to admit to it. I love how they grew through out the story and began to feel more comfortable in their feelings for each other and their strength. Thankful is well written and pulls you right in. Loved every moment of it!

You can find more reviews of Thankful on the Litfuse blog tour here. You can purchase a copy of the book here.

Rating: 4.5/5

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Matcha Green Tea #Giveaway #CAN

I recently had the opportunity to try out Kiss Me Organics Matcha Tea (you can find my full review here) and I was so impressed by the product that I am now offering you the chance to win your own bag of Matcha Tea!

Here are some of the benefits of Matcha Green Tea if you are unfamiliar with this product:

  • three times the number of antioxidants as regular green tea (due to the fact you are consuming the whole leaf not just brewed into a tea)
  • boosts the body’s natural immune system
  • natural energy boost (recommended daily dose is 1/2-1 tsp a day)
  • naturally increases the body’s metabolism

This was my first time trying Matcha Tea and I was thoroughly impressed not only with the quality and taste but with the product’s ability to hold up to it’s claims. It definitely gave me an energy boost (and I recommend starting of with a 1/4tsp a day to let your body adjust to the product) without the crash that normal energy boosters give (I remember those days in¬† University drinking energy drinks and it was awful!).

Canadian residents you can now enter to win your own bag of Matcha Green Tea Powder (ARV: $40CDN) to discover the benefits of matcha tea for yourself! Enter via the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Father’s Day Gifts with Posterjack!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking of creating a special personalized gift to celebrate the special Dad’s in your life.

Posterjack has you covered this Father’s Day with gifts that will suit all types of personalities. You can create a personalized gift for your Dad celebrating all those special moments with five different personalized photo art ideas.

  • Does you Dad love the outdoors? If nature and being outside is important to your Dad why not print a photo of one of your adventures on a Wood Print?
  • Is Dad a car fanatic? You can celebrate Dad’s passion of his cars with a metal print – something that I know my husband will love (especially since he refers to his car as his ‘Baby’).
  • Sports lover in your home? Re-live those special moments on the fields with a Gallery Box.
  • Show your Dad just how much you love him (the perfect gift from little kids!) with a collage of images that represent all of Dad’s best qualities.
  • Capture and keep those special moments with Dad in a framed photo of the two of you.

Ordering gifts from Posterjack is super simple – upload a photo, select the product, choose your preferred size and they will deliver right to your door!

What are your favourite types of gifts to give for Father’s Day?

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