A Passport to Adventure: Igniting a Love for Protecting Animals #StreamTeam


We love to watch documentaries together as a family, especially anything and everything to do with animals and nature. We love learning about the habitats of an animal, watching them grow up, their unique personalities and traits and even how they survive. Our world is an amazing place and it is so important to my husband and I that our children learn as much about the world around them so that they can fully appreciate and cherish it’s beauty and wonder. It helps them to understand how the world works and to show compassion for the creatures that are our neighbours.

Passport to Adventure #StreamTeam

Growing Up Wild is our FAVOURITE animal show to watch on Netflix at home! We have watched this documentary from Disney Nature over thirty times (and that is low balling it). This movie follows five animals from birth as they grow up in the wild. We learn how they are raised and nurtured, who teaches them, their predators and their unique traits. While at times the movie can be sad (especially when the babies are hunted), it is such an important lesson for children to learn how much they are like humans. Their parents love their babies and would do anything to protect them, they play with their siblings like children do and they show affection like humans do.

Our second favourite documentary on Netflix is Wild Ones, which has thirteen episodes in one season. This series explores the habitats of some of the strongest, fastest and cutest animals in the world. We can travel from Madagascar to the Amazon to the Savannah. We learn everything that there is to know about the important animals that live in these habitats, how they grow, hunt and work together to survive.

Passport to Adventure #StreamTeamOver the winter, we went on an incredible trip to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe to visit family. We were very blessed to have had our family take us on amazing adventures while we there which included a safari and boat cruises both in Chobe, Botswana and in South Africa. All of the amazing animals that we had been watching for months on Netflix were brought to life. It was an incredible, humbling and amazing experience that has stayed with us. The animals, the countries and the people who do everything they can do protect them was inspiring and gives you hope for the future.

Passport to Adventure #StreamTeamOur youngest son, who is so fond of animals, has decided that when he grows up he wants to move closer to his family in Africa so that he can do everything he can to protect these beautiful animals! As an animal lover myself, I was so proud of him, even though I know I would miss him so very much.

All of this love and passion for protecting these animals started with a simple movie on Netflix and a trip to visit family. This ignited a dream for our son that I can’t wait for him to pursue as he gets older. As we begin to plan our next trip back to South Africa and Botswana, I know that this summer will be full of more amazing adventures and education from Netflix.

What are your favourite documentaries to watch on Netflix? Have they helped to inspire a dream? What will you be watching this summer with your children?

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