Always Infinity #Review

This past month I received a box of Always Infinity pads to review from BzzAgent. This was my first time trying out the Always brand – have a huge confession to make I usually go for the cheapest feminine hygiene product on the shelf and do not look at what the others have to offer – if I have a coupon even better! So I was curious to see what all the fuss was about in regards to the new Infinicel (could it really be better then getting a great deal with a coupon??).

I had never heard about Infinicel prior to accepting this opportunity to review the Always Infinity line. The science (yup – you heard that right, the science!!) behind them is that the core is made up of two layers; the top layer absorbs fluids quickly and the bottom layer stores and distributes the fluids. The pads contain microdots (that look like holes – check out the photos below!) and act like little tunnels to get the fluid away from your skin and absorbed quickly. Here is what they look like:

I was so impressed by the quality of the material that is used in producing Always Infinity pads. The pad itself is soft and smooth. The pad is also thin so you do not have the constant worry that everyone can see that you are wearing one. 
Here are the top benefits that I found with this pad:
  • Extremely comfortable: Soft top layer of material that is smooth against your skin. The two layers together almost makes it feel like it has a cushion on it!
  • Keeps it’s shape: The pad did not move, wrinkle in spots or bunch up – even while working out and long walks.
  • Absorption rate: The pad absorbs quickly and removes any fluid away from your skin. Leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. 
  • Shape of the pad: The back of the pad is actually wider then the front which is perfect for sleeping and laying down. 
  • Wings: I am not sure if it is just me (or the fact that I usually buy whatever is cheapest on the shelf) but the wings on this brand were fantastic! They actually stuck to the underwear and stayed in place the whole time. 
Overall, I was extremely impressed with both the quality and absorption of the Always Infinity Pads. It is a product that I will definitely be purchasing again (and have already done so since receiving the original package!). They range in price from $4.97 to 8.98CDN (and are actually on Rollback at Walmart Canada right now so well worth a trip in!).  You can usually find coupons for these products (and other great P&G products) at P&G Brandsaver if you are ever worried about cost. 
You can also leave your own review on the Always Infinity website to let them know how you feel about their products. Have you tried Always Infinity yet? What are your thoughts?
Disclosure: I received a free box of Always Infinity pads as part of the BzzAgent program in order to provide an honest opinion to BzzAgent. I was not obligated to write a post on my review of the product.  The opinions of this product are my own and not influenced in any way.


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