Are YOU a Netflix Cheater?


Are YOU a cheater? Both my husband and I are very guilty of this awful habit on a regular basis. Whether it be late at night, when one of us is away at work or on a business trip. We just can’t help doing a little bit of Netflix cheating! (Pull those minds out of the gutter, of course we were only talking about Netflix – what were you thinking about??).

Do you cheat on your Netflix partner? Statistics show that you probably are, even if you are quite ready to admit it.

Statistics say that 37% of Canadians are Netflix cheaters when it comes to their favourite shows. While 76% of Canadians admit that they don’t mean to cheat, us Canucks clearly can’t help ourselves! I can say that I am one of those statistics and completely without shame when it comes to my cheating.

Are YOU a Netflix Cheater?

So how does Netflix cheating affect our lives? My husband is the type that usually waits until I fall asleep (which most of the time is well before he does) and he keeps on playing new episodes of some of our favourite shows (Luke Cage and Shadowhunters were two series he constantly watched without me). He never even hides his behaviour and doesn’t even try to move the episodes back when we watch it together again as he will start the series as the episode he left off on (or he just tells me what happens and spoils the surprise for me).

For me I am guilty of watching shows behind his back when he is at work and I am at home during the day because I am working a late shift. I was even more guilty when I was off after my gallbladder surgery, I passed my days watching our favourite Netflix series.

So who are the most guilty profiles? We fit in to two out of the three profiles.

Here is profile number one, The Long Distance Cheater:

Are You a Netflix Cheater?

Profile Number Two, The Sleepless Cheater (aka My Husband):

Are you a Netflix Cheater?

Profile Number Three, the Sorry Not Sorry Cheater (ME!):

Are You a Netflix Cheater?

We can clearly see that is far too easy to be a Netflix Cheater and here are some ways to make it up to your spouse when you have been unfaithful with your viewing habits:

  • let them have a night out on your dime with the boys or girls
  • take them out to dinner
  • bottle of wine (always wins me over!)
  • box of chocolates and flowers
  • say sorry and admit to your cheating habits (honesty is important right?)

Are you a Netflix Cheater or maybe the victim of Netflix cheating? Tell me what shows are the worst culprits for cheating?

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