Bring the Magic of Christmas to Life with Country Bright

2021 has been a difficult year and in the coming weeks, it appears it may just be that harder. As a family, we have struggled to get into the Christmas spirit. We’ve gone through the motions but there has been something missing these last few weeks. The sparkle of Christmas was just not there no matter how hard we tried. We jumped at the chance to attend Country Bright – a light show display located not too far away from our home. While we weren’t too sure what to expect, we were excited for this adventure.

We headed out to the Country Bright light show located in Milton, Ontario. The light display is nestled on a farm setting at Country Heritage Park. We weren’t too sure what to expect on this 3/4 km walk but knew it would be special when we pulled up to the site and could start to the see the twinkling lights in the background.

While we were a bit cautious of COVID, I was happy to see so many families still wearing masks and social distancing outside both at the entrance/exits and throughout the Country Bright displays. The staff did an amazing job of ensuring vehicles and people were flowing well through entries and exits points and there were no real spots of congregation, which was perfect for our family who are still very cautious of being out and about.

There was a great variety of displays around the site – everything from lit up tunnels to themed cabins covered in colourful lights, to large snow globes and candy cane trees. The displays at Country Bright took our breath away – they were so skillfully put together and brought the displays to life. We loved walking through the lit up tunnels and managed to take quite a few family photos under the lights.

We were welcomed to the Country Bright light display with all of our favourite Christmas songs playing, which was also featured throughout the whole length of the display trail (large speakers were strategically placed throughout the trails). We had so much fun singing along and debating whose song was the best Christmas song (my personal favourite being Silent Night!). Spread out along the trail as well were several stops that you could purchase hot chocolate and goodies (debit and credit only). This makes a huge difference on those nights when it feels a bit chilly out there. While it was warm on the night we attended (and by warm I mean sitting around 0 degrees), we bundled up in layers, boots, hats and gloves but the hot chocolate really helped make a difference. I would strongly recommend boots for this walking adventure – while the paths are easy to navigate for strollers and able bodied individuals, they were also wet and muddy at some points. Make sure to wear several layers, warm boots and bring extra gloves just in case.

We each had our personal favourite displays – my eldest loved this wagon, while our youngest fell in love with the large red barn. My husband adored the Ford displays and I loved the reindeer and globes.

My son had this to say about our family adventure: “I had a great time with my family and made a great video edit for all of us for a memory so this was a great thing for me and my family. Thank you Country Bright for this awesome time”.

Tickets are still available for purchase to this magical holiday adventure which runs until January 2nd. Tickets have to be purchased in advance and can be purchased here.

Make sure to check out the Country Bright website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclosure: We received tickets to visit the show, all opinions expressed are my own.


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